Defining Your Style/Before and Afters

July 2018
The Challenge
There has been a lot of ink spilled and keys tapped to help you find your own personal style. 
The question, then, is have you defined your own look?  If not, what is holding you back?  

Early on, in the 80s, during the Color Me Beautiful hey-day, I was typed as a "winter".  I never purchased the sample fabric swatches, but always tried to buy "cool" clothing colors.  A very fast three-decades forward, put me in my 50s.  My style choices were fine, I tried to stay with the trends, I had pretty much given up the color black because I thought it looked too harsh and replaced it with navy.  

Then in 2014, my oldest daughter discovered Dressing Your Truth (DYT)*.  To start with, you take a (rather long, free) quiz to discover your Energy Type.  Who doesn't like to take a quiz to find out more about themselves, or what someone else has to say about themselves?  The results put me at Type 3 which is the second-highest movement.  There are four total energy types.  It sounds "New-Age-y", but is simply how one moves through life.  It even affects the words you use, no joke!  (By the way, my daughter is a Type 4, the lowest movement.)  Interestingly, Energy Type can also be accessed by facial features and you can use those to help you determine your type, as well.

The Details
The reason I am so enamored with DYT is it not only recommends a color palette, but also, fabrication, design lines, texture and patterns.  It deals with hair style and color, makeup, jewelry, eyeglasses, footwear, literally everything you put on your body.  You learn how to become your own expert.  Since it is determined by your Energy Type, it will feel authentic to you.  Over and above the style guidelines, I have also made up a set of my own adjectives to use to describe my style when I'm shopping and what I want to convey.  I refer to my style as "Refined Edgy".  I could also add confident, strong and creative, but that gets a little long.  Following DYT has helped me save time and money, has made shopping so much easier, given me a consistent style and has made getting dressed easy and fun.  I can, honestly, almost get dressed in the dark, my wardrobe is that cohesive.  Four years ago, I paid $99 for the style guide.  (At the time they did not have a separate Life Style website to subscribe to which now includes more in depth style and living tips.)  The initial investment has paid for itself many times over.

The Takeaway
Find a style or program that resonates with you--we're all individuals on this journey and what works for me, may not work for you.  Take time to define your style, select three to five adjectives.  When you shop, keep those adjectives in mind.   Only buy items that are "10s" on a 1-10 scale or will become a "10" with something you already own.  Weed out your drawers and closet of items that don't fit your definition of stylish, or don't fit, or have seen their better days.  Mistakes are part of the learning process.  Don't get lazy.  

"Being well-dressed is a discipline." UK Vogue.  

Other resources:  8 Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Style, 9 Steps to Defining Your Personal Style, Define Your Style in 5 Simple Steps.

Below are some photos of my journey:
Before DYT
June 2014 

7 Months in to DYT
February 2015

March 2018

May 2018
(I lost weight between Oct. 2017 and Feb. 2018)
My Closet Now

 And a Drawer.
I no longer wear gray, but my alma mater shirt gets a "pass"!  The dark shirts are olive green--no black.

*This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving compensation.  

Top Photo Outfit Details
Eileen Fisher Cardigan (similar), Lucky Brand Top, Eileen Fisher Jeans (similar), Necklace (similar)

Stay Fierce, Kim

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  1. Isn’t it so cool how our personal style evolves over time with age and different places we are at each stage of life?! I love how you have transitioned into all of these fun vibrant colors that speak volumes about your personality! You are fierce and fabulous!


    1. Thank you so much, Shelbee! I think you know a thing or two about being fierce, yourself!

  2. You are obviously a #3! I have also done the quiz and it confirmed what my "Color Me a Season" told me back in the 80's; I am also an Autumn or #3 with a very heavy dose of Winter or #4. Your new colors and style look great, and yes, it is liberating to know how to dress your style.

    1. You must always look fabulous! The yellows aren't so good next to my face, but I work around it.

  3. Wow! You travelled a journey! Fabulous! You look great in those Orange tones!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. It's been a fun journey. :)

  4. How interesting! I've never heard of this before. But I love all the color you have in your closet. I remember when that "Color Me Beautiful" was all the rage. I think I was described as a "Winter" too. I never paid much attention to it and just bought what I loved.

  5. I enjoyed reading about this style theory. Based on the photos it seems to be working for you! What a cute style journey you have been on!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    1. Thanks, Jennie! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The program really does resonate with me--I get to wear all of my favorite things!

  6. Ooh, how fun! I will check out DYT. I like seeing your "transformation" into the present you. I've had so much fun experimenting with fashion over the last 10 years, and seeing my own style evolve. The biggest takeaway for me is "Don't be afraid to try and to fail!"

    1. Thank you, Shella. You have such a unique style. If you *do* decide to explore DYT, I'm sure you will *own* it!

  7. Popping over from Nancy's link up....
    I love to read these kinds of stories because I truly believe the right colors can make us look and feel so much better. I've been trying so hard to get my mom (the 80+ model on my blog) to get rid of the black and "bad" colors in her closet---but she's awfully stubborn.
    That's wonderful that the DYT also incorporates those other factors too!!

    1. I enjoy your sweet comment, Jodie. I read the color analysis post you recently did on your blog. Even though DYT isn't based on skin tone, it feels right for me. P.S. I know which lovely model your mom is ;). I'm a sewer like she is and she gives me inspiration!

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