Linen Jacket Transition Summer to Fall

The Challenge
Today let's take a look at getting a little more use out of our beloved linen pieces.  If the weather permits where you are located, you can get more wear out of your linen clothing by switching in cool
weather garments.  This particular jacket is on the heavier side as linen goes.  As much as I mix and match almost everything else in my wardrobe, I continually reach for this denim skirt to wear with the jacket.   My preference for this jacket is to keep the bottom skirt or pants in similar weight and texture as the linen.   Naturally, for the transition outfit, I chose blue jeans.  (Note:  My pants are almost always a variety of jeans, as they fit best into my lifestyle.)

The Details
We were in Seattle for my birthday this year while my husband was working with a local client.  Since I had free time, it was my birthday, and we were on a mini vacation, I splurged on this Eileen Fisher jacket.  The saleswoman was wearing it and it looked so good!  It seems like that's the way with a lot of her (EF) clothes, since they don't have too much of a shape on the hanger.  Because I can never leave well-enough alone, I dyed the jacket to coordinate with my DYT palette (see before & after photo, below).  

The summer outfit includes a white denim skirt, EF coral cami, Patricia Nash bag "Winter Bloom" last seen in What to Wear for Air Travel, and Paul Green sandals.  For the winter option, I switched out to a different EF burgundy cami, Old Navy boyfriend jeans, Johnny Was scarf, Clare V. bag and Freebird shoes (this look would be a cute with booties or mules, but I was already way too hot!  These photos were taken between 8:30-9 a.m. and I couldn't wait to be done because of the heat!!!  So, this would be a full-on winter outfit for me!)
The Takeaway
If you know you'll get years of wear (or it's your birthday-Ha ha!), consider splurging (without breaking the bank, of course) on items occasionally.  If an item isn't "quite right", ask yourself, will it be right with some tweaking, i.e., dying, hemming, etc.?  Mix high and low priced garments to create a look unique to you.  

(We now interrupt this blog post to show you the jacket was dyed from the original natural flax color with Cocoa Brown Rit dye to coordinate with my DYT palette.  No worries, I do this kind of thing quite regularly!)
Before                                    After

Outfit Details
Eileen Fisher linen jacket (Petite), Denim Skirt, EF cami (similar), Paul Green Sandals, Patricia Nash handbag (via eBay); Old Navy Jeans, Johnny Was scarf (similar), Clare V. clutch (similar), Freebird Sandals (similar)

Stay Fierce! Kim
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  1. Wow Kim, I LOVE this! First of all I am so impressed that you dyed your jacket without any fear - you certainly are fierce, aren't you? The shape of that jacket is so fabulous it will be a classic piece in your wardrobe for years. It looks great both ways, with the skirt and the boyfriend jeans. I just love it when you can mix and match great pieces and wear them so differently. So creative my friend!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kellyann! Yep, I dye with gusto, ha! My fingers are crossed that I don't get tired of it...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Nancy. The warm tone does work much better with everything in my closet.

  3. I love that you dyed this. I've done that to a couple of pieces and it's fabulous!!
    The entire outfit is really wonderful, Kim!!

    1. Thanks, Jodie! I'm thinking about doing a "how to" post as I have a cardigan that needs a new color. The hard part is deciding *which* color!