CAbi Try-On Fall 2018 Part I

The Challenge
Guess where we are today? 
If you guessed at a CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation) stylist's home with her fall line, you're right!  If you haven't heard of CAbi, here's a snapshot of their history:
The year was 2001, and the world of retail had women leaving the mall deflated by the anxiety and inefficiency of endless, isolated browsing. Clothing designer Carol Anderson began wondering if there was a way to better serve women by giving them the focus, help, and guidance they desired. She had a devoted following of women across the country, and thought if she could just circumvent the store process, by providing full, unedited collections directly to the women she designed for, shopping would forever be changed.
There are many CAbi devotees across the country and they are some of the nicest women!  I was introduced to CAbi a few years ago when a close friend started selling it.  (It is sold at home shows.)  The things that I like best about the line is the articles of clothing have a lot of details and they coordinate from year to year, so a garment you purchased several years ago, will often coordinate with something in the newest season.  Also, each season is grouped by a "collection" so they all coordinate with one another.  This is a real bonus if you're a little unsure about mixing items.  Plus, if you're a grey lover, it seems to show up frequently!

The challenge, today, is I had to go with what the stylist had in my size, so there were limitations.  I wear a large top and size 12 bottom, I'm 5' 9" (175 cm). 

The Details
This try-on is the only time I've worn black on the blog.  For the first outfit, the pants are medium, but are a jogger style, so we were able to make them work.  In the correct size, they would be looser.  The blouse is star printed and is on the sheer side, so a cami is necessary.  The booties are two-toned from a past season, they have a 4" heel which is way out of my comfort zone.  I walked out in sandals, and didn't put them on till we figured out where we were going to shoot.

The second outfit consists of black jeans and a black patterned shirt that is double layered, like a built-in cami.  The cardigan is a knit of both black and navy yarns.  I used a scarf as a belt and doubled up on necklaces.  And, get a close look at the earrings with oversized pearl backs.  Fun, huh?

If you didn't notice, CAbi makes it really easy to mix prints.  In the first outfit the blazer is plaid paired with the star-print blouse.  The second outfit pairs the galaxy and leopard prints seamlessly.

The Takeaway
CAbi offers two seasons a year spring/summer and fall/winter, they also come out with limited edition pieces.  Of the items I'm wearing, the jeans (I ordered a blue version) and the cardigan are my favorites.  If you are someone who likes to mix denim and black the cardigan is almost a "must have" in my opinion.  While some women buy a lot of the line, I generally pick and choose what will work with my palette and budget.  What about you?  Have you heard of CAbi or own any of the clothing?  What's your favorite thing about it?

To see the entire fall line, please check out Annalisa Smith CAbi Online.  Thank you Annalisa for letting me try on your fabulous samples and sharing them with my online friends!


Outfit Details
The Marathon Jogger | Galaxy Blouse | V-Neck Cami | Pastime Jacket | Athena Necklace | Heritage Pearl Earrings | Black Pearl Heritage Bracelet | Bisset Booties (past season) | Clutch, Stylist's Personal Collection

Outfit Details

 Stay Fierce!  Kim 

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  1. Ooooh Kim, how fun! Playing in a Cabi Stylist's closet - sounds like a dream come true to me! I really like Cabi clothing but they are a bit out of my price range. You look terrific in these pieces! I love the denim in the second look and that cardigan. Those booties are spectacular! Lookin' good my friend!

    1. It was fun, Kellyann! I'm with you on the 2nd look. Too bad you're not closer, I know the stylist would let you come and play, too!

  2. Now that would be a fun day!! I always think it's fun to try on things you maybe wouldn't wear otherwise....and those heels are the bomb (I am a heel girl through and through)!!
    And the joggers?? They are making quite a style trend lately, aren't they??

    1. It's funny that this post contains joggers that you were just featuring. :). Yes, I am glad I got to try things on--I was at a cabi show recently and did not try this much on...

  3. I need joggers! Defenitely! I would like to see that blazer more. It looks fabulous.

    1. Undoubtedly, you would look fab in joggers! I would have put the jacket on, but it was too small. Click on the link and you can get a better look. Hugs!

  4. Nice look, great jeans, love the dark denim for the colder months. Jacqui Mummabstylish
    Thanks for joining the #chicandstylish #linkup

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. That was my favorite outfit :).

  5. Great looking booties! I also love the looks and what a fun time. I know of Cabi but dont have any pieces. If I do look, it is through thrifting on PM. Love your jeans too- they look cute rolled up.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx