Three Tips For Accessorizing With Jewelry

The Challenge
In the past, a vast majority of the time when I thought about adding jewelry to an outfit, I concentrated on a few main things: 
Do I want or prefer silver or gold-toned?  A delicate or substantial piece?  Length?  Color to match top X or shoes Y?  In addition to those things, I have also come to discover adding other attributes to this list helps to give even more interest to my outfits and contributes to my own individual style.  "What are those?" you may ask.  I'm talking about mood, texture, and personal style.

Today's post is sponsored by Snow Pine Design, an Etsy store I enjoy because of Gaagii's creativity and unique, handmade designs.  In this post, I'm discussing tips for accessorizing with jewelry which Snow Pine Design can help you with.  I hope you enjoy this collaborative post!  Let me know if you have requests or feedback for Snow Pine Design and I will pass them along.  I've been given free reign to express my own opinions.

The Details
Breaking this down, let's think for a minute about (1) mood.  Do you want to feel or convey happy, sultry, fun, alluring, classic, ethnic, the list could go on.   Take these earrings, for instance.  Gaagii (Ga-zhee) at Snow Pine Design has crafted them in a way that, to me, says "fun!"  With the polkadot-like beads and the jaunty square-at-an-angle, they convey liveliness and playfulness.  Ha ha, hence the playground shots!  With this outfit, they complement the whimsical print of the top.  Daughter #4 (below) is all about fun and having fun, so this one is a big deal for her.

Another element you may want to consider is (2) texture.  Are you wanting to contrast chunky over sleek, streamlined over bulky, or in a more-is-more vein adding substantial jewelry over textured clothing?  This Snow Pine Design necklace adds plenty of texture with the chunky beads, chains, and leather knots which add substance to my flat-knit shirt and cardigans.  You will not often see me wear small, insubstantial pieces of jewelry, so this one is my sweet spot.

Lastly, and possibly the most important, is your own (3) personal style definition.  This could include any of scores of adjectives that you might use to convey about how you see yourself and how you want the world to see you.  Some examples might be:  Classic, artsy, Bohemian, approachable, fun-loving, comfortable, trendy, strong, smart, bada$$, etc.   There are several articles/posts to help you figure it out, like the one at this link.  If you take a look at the tagline in my header, I've defined my style as "refined, edgy" and a Snow Pine Design bracelet like this red leather and stone one reflects that beautifully, as the stone and leather are smooth and sleek, while the cut of the stone shows off its rugged edge.  I always feel like it's a bonus when I find pieces that combine both elements.

The Takeaway
Putting together and owning a cohesive, thoughtful look while considering mood, texture and personal style with your jewelry pieces, will add to your overall appearance, confidence level and how you feel about presenting yourself to the world.  Well, at least it does for me!  Now, over to you--have you made these or any other jewelry discoveries?   

If you make a purchase over $25 at Snow Pine Design between now and the end of the month, receive 10% off your purchase with code SPD10.  Christmas is 46 days from today!  

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  1. I admit that I'm an accessory junkie. Although I've toned it down somewhat...but it adds so much to an outfit!!
    I love everything you're showing here, Kim!! Especially that bracelet!

    1. It does seem like you and I could share a closet sometimes--although our sizes our different--I'm sure we could share accessories!

  2. The bracelet is my favorite Kim! You are such a good writer my friend and I loved all the points you made. I just grab stuff and throw it on but I think all of those thoughts are being processed in my mind maybe subconsciously. Accessories definitely make the outfit!

    1. You could knock me over with a feather with your "good writer" comment! I hope it gives you and my other readers food for thought <3! Hugs, Kim!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Amy, it was fun trying to swing, too!

  4. Gorgeous pieces Kim! I love the fall tones in your blouse and the jewelry goes perfectly with it. The shape of your earrings is lovely and I have gotten more into bracelets too over the past few years. Lovely necklace as well. I like buying vintage pieces on Etsy, and my taste can range from bold pieces, vintage or smaller pieces.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx