Friday, December 21, 2018

Handmade: Tags, Tree Skirt & More

The Challenge
In my last Lounging Around post, I talked about some of the crafts I was doing.  Here is a peek.

The Details
In addition to the grandchildren's stockings (the tiny ones are "oopsies"), tree skirt, and tags, you can see the addition of:

Treat bags--I like to have something to give out.  These are so, so easy to whip up if you have basic crafting supplies.  I used what I had around, the die cuts were left over from other crafting sessions.  I used Stampin' Up rubber stamps including French themed.  The 3" x 4" (7.6 cm x 10 cm) cellophane bags you can get at Walmart.  The topper is cut at 3" x 3" and folded in half.   There are six Hershey's kisses per bag.

Coffee filter Christmas trees.  Since a lot of my decor is packed up, a small sleigh and Santa bear were accessible, but looked lonely, so I added a couple of trees (styrofoam forms from Walmart). 

Gift tags were used with die cuts that were already on hand, because I had packed all of my other Christmas papers...  (Do you get the idea I never expected to be in FL this Christmas???  Darling Husband had to go to the storage unit to get the cookie press for the girls.)  [The lighting is beyond horrid for these photos.  It's been raining cats and dogs for the last couple of days.]

The Takeaway
Have fun!  I hope I've given you a couple of ideas and, perhaps, inspired you to try something on your own!

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