Easy Double Denim Column of Color

Duster (similar) | Boyfriend Jeans | Denim Shirt (similar) | Leopard Mules (similar) | Patricia Nash Handbag (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Heart Pendant Necklace (similar)
The Challenge
When it gets cold* here in the Sunshine State, we are at a bit of a loss on how to dress. 
What I do, and it appears a lot of my fellow Floridians do, is Closet Dive.  It sounds like what it is--dig around in the dark corners of one's closet to find warm, warmer, warm-ish clothing to get through the day.  All too often (and I'm not making this up) it looks like folks have raided their father's gym workout shelves or drawers.  

*Cold being defined as anything in the 50°Fs (10°Cs).  Heaven forbid in the 40°Fs(4°Cs).  You can quit laughing now, my Midwestern friends!  I'm a native Michigander, I've seen my fair-share of real cold weather!

The Details
Quite a bit has been written about doubling up on denim.  The rule used to be don't do it, especially with matching washes, or you would be dubbed as wearing a "Canadian tuxedo."  Things have come around so much, that there don't seem to be any hard-and-fast rules.  My Closet Dive consisted of jeans and almost-matching denim shirt.  (I have worn this look without the cardigan.)  My long sleeved denim shirt is one of those wardrobe workhorses as the cotton is cool enough for A/C, yet insulating enough for our cold spells.  The ease of double denim, in this case, creates a column of color that I could throw any topper over.  My robe-like duster gives me lots of coverage and the leopard mules were purchased last year--I decided to get the fur-lined ones and go "all in" since we don't get a whole lot of cold weather.  So, yeah, I guess I'm wearing a robe and slippers!  If it were colder, I would have added socks.   

The Takeaway
Creating a column of color with denim is an easy, low risk way to give double denim a try, breaking it up with a jacket or cardigan when you need the extra layer.  If you find yourself having to do your own Closet Dive, try to leave the grey, oversized sweats behind! 

Duster (similar) | Boyfriend Jeans | Denim Shirt (similar) | Leopard Mules (similar) | Patricia Nash Handbag (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Heart Pendant Necklace (similar)
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