Three Looks I Won't Wear

Michael Kors bomber jacket (similar) | Antonia Melani Skirt | Johnny Was scarf (similar) | Leopard Booties (similar)
The Challenge
I'm joining the ladies at The Blended Blog today on "Trends and Looks You Just Won't Do." 
While with fashion it can sometimes be a game of chicken for looks you will and won't entertain, here are some styles that it is highly unlikely I would wear in their purist forms.

The Details
Polka Dots.  This one makes me sound like I'm against things like Springtime and Fun, I suppose I could add I'm against unicorns and rainbows while I'm at it.  My version of polka dots would be something like a leopard print, abstract floral, or dots-not-dots (below).

Black.  As a neutral, a little black dress, or an accent, black will not make it into my wardrobe.  Several years ago, I noticed it didn't look flattering near my face and seemed to accentuate any real or perceived flaws my skin has.  Add to that, it makes me feel weighted down and unhappy.  As far as I'm concerned, any color can be a neutral for an individual's wardrobe.  Olive green and rust are on my neutrals list, with burgundy being a runner up. 

A-Line Skirts.  As I've mentioned before, my waist is an area of my body that I would prefer not to highlight as it is proportionally big.  One skirt that has recently slid under the radar is my pleated midi which is a moderate A-line.  Pleats would also be a no-go, but the length and softness of the fabric make this skirt workable.

The Takeaway
As you can see from the things I've mentioned above, there is a high likelihood of a practical substitute for something you may like on other people, but wouldn't be to your own preferences.  It takes a little bit of thinking about what works for you and why to come up with a "Things I Love Wearing Instead Of" list.

American Eagle Red Bouse (similar) | M&S Teal Joggers (similar) | Chico's Red Cardigan (similar) | Gold Shoes (similar)
Anthropologie Military Jacket (similar) | Vince Camuto Olive Jeans (similar) | Sam Edelman booties | French Kande Bracelet | Necklace Snow Pine Design
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