Yellow Jeans and Denim Jacket Art Inspired

Pants (similar) | Jacket | (Booties (similar) | Top (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Bracelet (similar)
The Challenge
When I first saw this week's Style Imitating Art piece (this week hosted by Salazar at 14 Shades of Grey), I was captivated by the yellow/golds of the table and background. 
I wanted to dive right into the painting and experience all of the texture, movement, and light-play on the wall.  I was craving to add teal as well, as an accent, but it was very much an afterthought.

Vincent Van Gogh - Irises
The Details
Funny enough, none of my "accent" teal options were working very well.  At All.  Teal joggers, nope; tank top, nada; long sleeved and t-shirts, still wet from doing the laundry; cardigans, ho-hum.  But, I was happy as a clam with my yellow/gold pieces.  Imagine my surprise when Salazar and Daenel both featured blue or teal.  I thought, "how funny we all focused on blue."  It was not until much, much later that it even occurred to me that the main subject of the painting, Irises (head hits keyboard) were blue since I was so captivated by the yellow!  As it turns out, my outfit echos the painting with the yellow as background, the blue as a center point and necklace, scarf, and booties adding depth, detail, and texture to the mix.

The Reba jacket is tencel-denim that has been on the blog before.  Arizona cropped twill pants; top, thrifted; booties, Woman Within; scarf, Daughter #2 brought back from Spain (but, shhh, I saw an almost identical one available in the states); earrings, American Eagle; bracelet, Chico's; necklace, Snow Pine Design.

The Takeaway
Letting art carry you along with feeling and emotion, is a fabulous way to experience it.  If you can be inspired to create an outfit by it, so much the better!

Pants (similar) | Jacket | (Booties (similar) | Top (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Bracelet (similar)

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