Friday Favorites #2

Hello and welcome to Friday Favorites!  This is where we get to catch up on what has been
happening over at the Fierce homestead for the week, in addition to fashion, of course!  So grab a cup of coffee or a snack and let's chat...

Book:  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
When I was in TX, my daughter was reading this book.  She kept giving me commentary and getting frustrated with the characters.  Since she completed it while I was there, I brought it home and just finished reading it.

In my opinion, the first half of the book is slow and there isn't much depth to any of the characters.  I had two guesses of how the book might end and one of them was correct.  As a "reward" I was going to watch the movie, but it started so slowly, I clicked off after a short while.  It's a decent enough beach or travel read, but if you have a hard time staying with a book, this might not be for you.

Finished Cleanse:

About a month ago, I began a liver cleanse, which I had done one other time about a year and a half ago.  My goal was to get off those pesky holiday pounds.  With regards to the weight, it worked like a charm.  My body didn't react overly well to the product this time, though (my neuropathy came back).  I don't know if I was that much more unhealthy when I originally did it, or what.  I was put on a "modified cleanse" early on and finished out that way.

At some point, I will do a post about the AlternaCare program I was/am on.  A couple of years ago, I was struggling horribly with heartburn.  No matter how bland of a diet I ate, I would still get it.  At my regular G.P., I was prescribed Omeprazole, which worked just okay.  Through another blog, I saw a post on this practice about a completely different health issue.  In it, Dr. Rob stated his #1 patient was middle-aged women with heartburn.  I called, asked lots of questions and ended up following a program that was custom-crafted for me.  

New Clothing Items: 

It's that time when many of us are shopping for spring.  I've had quite a few misses, but the hits have been:
cabi Blush Blouse

Johnny Was Nena Back Slit Peasant Top (shown at top of post), along with the Johnny Was Moby gauze top.

And, an Umgee peasant top, found at the consignment store, sorry no photo!

Amazon Tote:

I used this for the first time on my last TX trip and it worked well.  I'm planning a post (I think next week), that will discuss how I selected this one.  It held my essentials:  Laptop, book, water bottle, shake mixer (for cleanse), meds, snack, etc.

Facebook Dressing Your Truth Meet Up

This dynamic woman and I were able to arrange a meet up at Circles Waterfront Restaurant in Apollo Beach, FL, this week.  We are acquainted through a Dressing Your Truth Facebook group.  Shawn is a delightful lady and is in town from the midwest visiting her son.  Although I live in Tampa Bay, I too seldom get to the waterfront.  This was an easy drive from my home and we were able to dine outside and the weather was perfect!  I had a delicious grouper lunch with rice pilaf and kale slaw.  

Thanks for joining my Friday Favorites, see you next week!

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