Friday Favorites #3

Pizza Sauce

Hello and welcome to another week of Friday Favorites!  This week is such a mixed bag, from food, to fun, to blue jeans!  Let's start by diving in to:

Pizza Sauce
I found this sauce at an end of the isle display at Fresh Market.  At the time it was buy one, get one free for $4.99.  It contains three individual plastic packets of pizza sauce that you snip open and squeeze on to your pizza.  I often make cauliflower pizza and have been using a can of tomato sauce on which I sprinkle on oregano, basil and garlic.  Although, these packets are purely a convenience, I like that they are thicker and richer than my tomato sauce version.  I spread my pizza crust out on a jelly roll pan and this sauce is on the scant side, with which I'm "okay."   It's also on the pricey side if you don't find it on BOGO, BUT my rational with my homemade pizza is even if I'm paying a bit more, I'm still saving quite a bit of money vs. buying a pizza out.  The same justification goes for buying frozen, pre-shredded cauliflower.  Not to mention, it's small change compared to the health benefits you receive!  

Daughter in Town
This one's a twofer!  You may have seen on Instagram that my "Disney Girl" visited for a couple of nights this weekend.  She brought a yellow shirt to to wear and jeans, since she knows I'm not a fan of "leggings as pants." (Why shredded up jeans are more acceptable, I'm not sure...)  What she didn't have was anything green for St. Patrick's day ☘, so I offered to loan her a cardigan, 'cause I have them to spare.  Her only stipulation was that is wasn't olive green!  ~~Don't underestimate the bathroom selfie!  I thought the ones she took turned out cute.  This is a different pose than Insta (and if you don't follow me, please consider taking a few seconds and do so at kim_fiercefashion) because I wanted to show you how fun my Boho bag was with this outfit.  We were at the movie theatre to see:

Green Cardigan Yellow Top

Captain Marvel
Disney Daughter and I went to see Captain Marvel.  I know it didn't get the best "buzz," but she and I enjoyed it immensely!  Honestly, I'm indifferent to whether Captain Marvel is male or female, although, it did throw me off because I expected Captain Marvel to be male.  I thought the casting and chemistry was good between the actors, and there was an unexpected turn of events (to me, anyway).

Brie Larson

Ordered A New Laptop
This could go under favorites or non-favorites as my laptop died over the weekend.  I'm glad to be getting a new, lighter version of the MacBook, but Monday I felt completely adrift without it around.  I'm currently using a desktop which faces into a corner and my son's 10-year-old Mac laptop.  Fortunately, we kept it around and I didn't pack it into the storage unit!
Mac Laptop

Skinny Jeans
This almost is embarrassing, but I got my first bona fide pair of skinny jeans--really!  My newest Lucky Brand pair are pseudo-skinnies, as they don't cling to my legs.  Those are my current favorites, but they are a darker wash than I prefer, so I've been keeping my eye out for a mid-wash pair.  Disney Daughter and I went to Nordstrom Rack where I tried on a pair of Paige jeans.  I stepped out of the dressing room to get my daughter's opinion.  When I asked, "Are they too squeezy?" her reply was,  "No, they're just-right squeezy."  Ha!  At least we speak the same language.  I've worn them a couple of times already this week, but I am a bit self conscious, and will probably not buy another pair, even if they are "just-right squeezy!"
Paige Jeans (similar)
How about you?  How was your week?

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