How to Update Pencil Skirts

Kimono made by me (similar) | Eileen Fisher cami (similar) | Skirt (similar) | Sandals, thrifted (similar) | Michael Kors handbag (similar) | Necklace made by me (similar) | J. Jill belt (similar)

The Challenge
In my quest this summer for updating my dress/skirt wardrobe, containing--you guessed it, primarily pencil skirts--I finally hit upon this simple solution.   I feel silly that it didn't occur to me sooner!

The Details
While putting an outfit together in my head for church, utilizing my new Lucky Brand top found at T. J. Maxx in TX, I was thinking it would go with my new Treasure & Bond Jacket and, wait-a-minute, it would also go with my cabi skirt from the last fall season (it has pin stripes of the skirt's color in it).  By golly, the outfit came together seamlessly.  That's when the light bulb moment struck!

Yikes!  I'd like to go into this photo and straighten up that crazy-crooked top!
Jacket Treasure & Bond | Top, Lucky Brand (similar) | cabi Boss Lady skirt (similar) | Freebird Sandals (similar) |
Necklace made by me (similar)

Updating Pencil Skirts
1.  Take a good look at your skirts.  Do they still fit well?  Do you like the colors/fabrics?  Do they even express what you want to convey in your current style or lifestyle anymore? 

As apparent as this step seems, I really did need to do an evaluation to see what merited space in my closet.  In my case, the answer was "yes."  Although, they didn't feel as fresh as I would have liked, there was nothing with which I really wanted to substitute them.

Johnny Was Top | cabi skirt (similar) | Eileen Fisher cardigan (similar) | Cole Haan handbag, thrifted (similar) | Necklace made by me (similar) | Chico's belt

2.  Evaluate what style you would like to project.  Casual, refined, trendy, edgy, Boho, tough, sweet, approachable...  You get the idea.

I've been adding quite a bit of Boho styles to my wardrobe lately, but don't necessarily want to commit to full-on Boho looks.  That was my starting point.

Kimono made by me | cabi skirt | Freebird shoes | Betsey Johnson handbag (similar) | Necklace Made by Me

3.  Start pulling the newer, fresher, more updated items from your closet that you think will go with your skirts.  Be sure to include accessories and shoes as those can date/update your outfit more quickly than basic tops.

In addition to my Boho tops and shoes, I decided to make a simple kimono, calling it an accessory.  Because, let's face it, kimonos are "scarves for the summer," as they can add colors to bring items together.   A kimono may have the benefit of looking a little more current than some of my beloved cardigans.  In the kimono's first appearance (top photo) it's rollicking around with color and the second outfit, with the neutral top and shoes, it's a bit more subdued.  P.S.  I've never been a "kimono person" because soft and flowing clothing isn't my thing.  Seeing how this one has livened up my outfits, I may be slightly converted!

4.  Don't forget the timeless graphic t-shirt.  You can find these in any and all colors of the rainbow and will work in more casual situations.

Oh, look!  A cardigan sighting!
J. Crew t-shirt (similar) | cabi skirt | Talbots cardigan (similar) | Necklace Snow Pine Design

5.  Enjoy your new looks!

Yeah, I'm feeling like "all that and a bag of chips" with my "old, tired" skirts and all the new life they have had breathed into them!

The Takeaway
If something is feeling dated, yet is true to your own style, use the other elements of your outfit to pull it along into a current look.

Did you notice that the big tree branch is going right though my head in the photos?!  Hahaha!  I guess I'd better not stand there anymore! 

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