Tonal Blue~Style Imitating Art: Children at the Beach~Prendergast

Soft Surroundings tank top (similar) | cabi skirt (similar) | Michael Kors handbag (similar) | Nine West hat (similar) | London Fly sandals (similar) | Butterfly earrings | Necklace custom find (similar)
About Style Imitating Art
Welcome to this edition of Style Imitating Art!

Style Imitating Art is hosted biweekly by Daenel~Living Outside the Stacks, Salazar~14 Shades of Grey and me.  Style Imitating Art challenges us to look to create an outfit using art as inspiration.  In
addition to colors, you may also want to look at textures, mood, style, genre.  There are no "wrong" outfits, and you don't need to be literal.

The Inspiration
The current artwork selection is Children at the Beach by Maurice Prendergast.

Public Domain

The Curator
This selection is curated by Salazar, because she has been doing a lot of watercolor painting lately (oh, to be so talented!) and liked that even though this is a watercolor painting it retains vivid coloring.  We have a lot of blues with the water and sky, many little girls wearing white dresses and bonnets plus, an abstract print as inspiration.

My Look

What really caught my attention in this week's painting is the blue of the sky and water.  I wasn't sure I would be able to capture this look with my outfit.  I knew I didn't want to wear jeans.

First things first, I pulled my cabi Sigourney skirt.  Next my Soft Surroundings top was pulled to see if they would coordinate.  Yes, they did!  If you were shooting for an exact match, this look probably wouldn't make you happy.  However, if you've followed my blog, you know I love to pile on work with tonal looks, so I was off to a great start.  You also know I'm all about the partial front tuck with a belt, but in this case the fuller cut at the bottom of the tank made a nice silhouette on its own.  The shoes and handbag played along nicely.  While this was a fun handbag to really push my outfit over-the-top, I think I'd change it out to my orange one "out in the world" so passersby wouldn't think I went a little old-lady-nuts over blue--LOL!  

I resisted the urge to use a turquoise necklace, because I did want a bit of a contrast.  Since the girls in the artwork are wearing bonnets, the birthday-gift hat from my daughters seemed like the right choice.  The peach lace trim was added by me over the original grosgrain one.  My butterfly earrings bring a fun spring/summer element.  
...There's still time!  Please consider joining us, the more the merrier!  You don't have to be literal.  As a matter of fact, some of the most interesting interpretations are not literal!  Send a picture of your Style Imitating Art inspired outfit to Salazar at so she receives it by Tuesday, July 2.  She will share the submissions on her blog on Wednesday, July 3.  

Soft Surroundings tank top (similar) | cabi skirt (similar) | Michael Kors handbag (similar) | Nine West hat (similar) | London Fly sandals (similar) | Butterfly earrings | Necklace custom find (similar)

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