Friday Favorites #24

Ralph Lauren cardigan | J. Jill tank top | American Eagle Tomgirl shorts | Ugg sandals | 
Patricia Nash belt

Hey!  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  I wasn't sure if I was going to get my post up in time.  I've been losing track of what day it is and have had a few house showings which causes me to leave the house and throws off my routines.  Wednesday I forgot to put together my post in time, so had to play catch up at 7 a.m.  Phew!  

Fortunately, I remember to get dressed each morning.  (Although, if you recall last week's "Look,"  that day I ran out of the house without makeup and my glasses.)  

1.  This week's Look of the Week features furry slippers!  I have so much fun with these!  The J. Jill tank top from last year coordinates really well with them.  Since two bold colors are better than one, I added my orange cardi.

I'm joining: 

2.  Thrifted top modified.  Do you remember this top from Friday Favorites #20?  It's sized Large/Petite.  I added an inch to each side (you can see it on the left side of the right picture) and added a peplum for extra length (I got this idea from another blogger, if I remembered who it was, I'd give her credit!)  I'm not sure if it needs the extra length or not, but I'm giving it a try...

3.  Lantern Pants Finished!  You may also remember these pants from the same FF #20 post.  I set them aside for several weeks (did you think you'd ever see them again?!).  This week I cut the legs apart right on the stitching lines at the side panels and resewed them with another standard seam, effectively taking them in just over 2" per leg.  I'm much, much happier with the fit.  On a 1-10 scale, I'd give them a "9".  If I make them again, I will add in-seam pockets.  You should be seeing them styled next week.

Here they are together:

4.  New Camera Lens.  You know, if you've been putting any of the pieces together:  After I got back from TX, I went right into helping my daughter move, then we've had several house showings, Gramblr has not been working for me (please leave me advice in the comments if you have a solution or alternative), and it's been raining like crazy, wreaking havoc with picture taking and then this happened.

I set my camera on the lanai to let it acclimate to the humidity while I went out into the front yard to take photos with my phone.  Before I could take any photos it started raining.  I waited for a few minutes to see if it would stop, then I remembered my camera was outside!!!!!!  My lens has internal condensation.  I'm going to see if it can be fixed, in the meantime, I went ahead and ordered a new lens, anyway.  It was r-e-a-l-l-y tempting to get a new camera--why not invest the money from a lens right into a new body, right?  My goal is going to be to try to sell a few things on eBay to offset the cost of the camera I want instead of outlaying cash right now.

5.  House Update.  We still haven't sold our home.  We'll be at seven months on the market at the end of August.  There just aren't many buyers out here in our price range.  Mostly, I feel sorry for my Darling Husband as he's in an apartment and doesn't have the comforts of home.  

This week it hit me kind of hard, maybe because school started and people are getting on with their lives while here I sit feeling like a live-in property manager.  So, I was having myself a pity party. 

Thanks so much for joining me this week.  Hopefully, I'll get my act together this coming week.  Today I'll be at a bead show.  There is another Sundance catalog necklace I'd like to copy, but I'm not sure I want to buy all of the stones.  Have a great weekend!

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