Friday Favorites #26 Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn Edition

Anthropologie jacket | cabi jeans | Madewell t-shirt | Talbot's  & Alex & Ani bracelets | Birkenstock sandals

Hey!  Welcome to another Friday Favorites!  As you may imagine this has been a nerve-racking week with all of the house stuff going on.  I wanted to whole-heartedly join Fonda at Savvy Southern Chic for her Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn theme in August.  Since it's pretty casual around here, I didn't do a day by day selection.  If you missed her final roundup, she and Jill at Doused in Pink did theirs yesterday.

Because of lack of sleep and all of the running around I've been doing, Thursday I stayed at home all day.  That gave me time to pull out some clothing that's been on my "forgotten, ignored and unworn" list and give you the deets.

I'm joining: 

In today's look of the week, the unworn items are the military jacket and woven leather cuff bracelet.  The jacket is shirt weight, so it's good for spring/summer.  Last summer it was brightened up with white jeans and a pink tank.  Somewhere along the line, I decided I didn't like the peplum on it, so it was being ignored.  Recently, I felt like having a "grunge day," so wore the jacket with more green and blue jeans.  Verdict:  I think I'm preferring it grunged down for now, so will continue wearing it like this.

Chico's Top | Style & Co Skirt | Betsey Johnson necklace | Consignment bracelet | Lane Bryant belt | BOC Sandals | Thrifted handbag

This outfit contains four items that have been forgotten.  The shirt and skirt are from last year.  The skirt was worn a few times last year, but hasn't been worn once this summer.  The shirt was worn a little bit last year, but once or twice this year.  The sleeves and neckline bother me and it's closer up under the armpits (I sized down because the next size up was too big).  I'm keeping both pieces for now, because they are so basic.  Also not worn, the necklace and bracelet.  Every once in awhile I want a wide bracelet.  The necklace should be passed along.

Eileen Fisher jacket | Kut from the Kloth jeans | cabi top | Chico's bracelet | Patricia Nash handbag | Franco Sarto sandals | Made by me necklace

Once again, I went ahead and piled on my clothing orphans.  These jeans were worn to death last year, they've only come out to play a few times this year.  For some reason, I keep pulling out my blue jeans.  The (pricey) jacket has only been worn once this summer.  I love this jacket, so I'm mad at myself--it probably hasn't been worn because I prefer it with my white jeans...  Top rarely worn, I shouldn't have purchased it.  It's poly and whenever it gets worn, I'm too hot.  This will probably be sold online and I'm not buying anymore of their tops!  Franco Sarto sandals from my Minneapolis trip last year don't stay on my feet very well.  I put gel pads in them to try to get my foot to stay in better.  Bracelets--I'm just not into bangles at the moment, they may stay in my collection for awhile.  The necklace was made to coordinate with the handbag and has been unworn this season, the handbag (which I was seriously consider selling) was used this week.  I'll be darned if I don't like this outfit "as is," even though I threw everything together.

Bed to Brunch duster | Style & Co skirt | cabi tank top | bracelet consignment | Made by me necklace | Birkenstock sandals

Oh, dear, I covered up most of the orange (cotton, yay!) tank top.  The top has been with me for years.  I like everything about it, but never reach for it.  My duster has been worn maybe three times since I bought it.  The problem I have with it is the sleeve length--I wish they were long.  I think it's darling, but I'm not reaching for it either.  This bracelet hasn't been worn in awhile--it looks more fall/winter oriented.  Not liking the duster with this length skirt--better suited to jeans.  Surprise!  I like the orange tank with the colors of the duster.

Old Navy top | Kut from the Kloth jeans | Franco Sarto sandals | Michael Kors handbag | consignment bracelet

Tell me what is wrong with this outfit.  A big, fat nothing!  The tropical top is from last year and got worn a decent amount, it may have been worn once this summer.  I really like the cut of it--it's close in colors to my clearance Johnny Was top.  Honestly, I like the cut of this one better, but the print/coloring of the Johnny Was one. The consignment bracelet has been ignored, but I really like it in the photo.  It was silver when purchased, but got a coat of gold metallic paint.  The handbag is going to be sold--not reaching for it.

Note:  Everything but the orange tank top was purchased post weight loss (it was taken in).  That's why clothing is only a couple of years old.

Since we're closing in on our moving date, everything will be coming with me.  The "on-the-fence" items, I'll give another chance.  The ones on the chopping block will be sold as soon as I am able to list them.  How frequently do you evaluate what's in your drawers and closet?  How do you dispose of unwanted items?

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