Friday Favorites #35

Happy Friday!  I committed to getting photos taken ahead of time for the blog, but the weather, combined with my work schedule, thwarted my plans causing the Look of the Week to be... 

1) A fun throwback, my tongue-in-cheek Thanksgiving outfit from last year.  This year's outfit isn't going to be a whole lot different.  You'll have to wait till next week for that!

I'm joining: 

2) Finally, a haircut!  It's overly short on the sides which looks more masculine or edgy, take your pick.  It took me awhile to find a salon.  It was really strange--I couldn't get a couple of places to answer the phone and at another place the receptionist was one of the most arrogant people I've talked to in ages.  The salon I ended up going to is right at the corner of our apartment, so I walked over.  They actually answered their phones and were pleasant.  The reason it took so long to decide on the closest place is because a basic haircut (with wash and blow dry) is $66.  That was quite a shocking price to me, so I wanted to look around.  In the end, I got a $20 discount because it was my first time.  They really message your head when you get shampooed.  I'm not a fan of messages as I don't like being touched that much.  Maybe they'll give me a price reduction every time if I decline it--Ha!  Oh, and I saw a man getting foils which I thought was amusing. 

3) From last Friday.  Found It!  Here (on the left) is the "before" photo from the dress-to-top update.  You can see the dress was frumpy on me.

4) Cait and Kyla re-posted this photo on Instagram, which made me feel good.  The Abby jacket is still currently available.

I am really tired, so I am going to wrap it up for the week.  Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me.  I'm grateful something in my life is the same!

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