Warning: Graphic T-Shirt Thanksgiving Edition

Graphic T-Shirt Thanksgiving Edition
Thanksgiving t-shirt (similar, similar) a.n.a jeans (similar) | Sam Edelman booties | Bracelet (similar) | Necklace (similar)

The Challenge
Ya know, when I saw a FB friend wear this t-shirt I thought it was funny and edgy, so promptly ordered it (last year from Amazon).  After I took these photos a couple of days ago, I'm thinking I can't even.  It's a little too edgy for me.  I don't want anyone going around with the intended phrase rolling around in their heads.  The t-shirt in the below widget would be more my "speed."  Anyway, not that it can't be styled!  It has many of my favorite colors, a beautiful rich brown, gold and pinks.

The Details
I was going to lead with the below collage using the cardigan to keep the message under wraps--but decided to go ahead and do a pre-reveal!  (If you are having trouble seeing the entire shirt, it reads Wine 🍷, Turkey 🦃, Family💗.)

The shirt looked best with these mustard gold pants, which are typically rolled to a cropped length.  I preferred them rolled down to the boot top.  The cardigan was unnecessary, but you could add one of the pink colors, too, if you wanted the extra warmth.

As much as I love my jewelry, I always find it challenging wearing a necklace with a graphic t-shirt, as the message or design needs to stand out.  I try to find a fairly simple one that stays close to the neckline.

The Takeaway
There are a few takeaways: 1) Even an eyebrow-raising t-shirt can be styled!  Ha!  2) Know yourself well enough to not make the mistake of buying something that is ultimately not "you."  3) Have a backup plan if you're on the fence about an item.  I'm going to ask one of my daughters if they'd like to have this shirt.  I'm betting my 20 yr. old will have fun with it!

What do you think?  Would you wear this t-shirt?  I'd love to know!

Gimme a W!  Gimme a T!  Gimme an F!  What'uv ya got?
Graphic T-Shirt Thanksgiving Edition
Thanksgiving t-shirt (similarsimilar) Arizona jeans (similar) | Sam Edelman booties | Bracelet (similar) | Necklace (similar)

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