Friday Favorites #37 Random Gift List

Free People High Hopes Cardigan | J. Jill top (similar) | Paige jeans (similar) | Sam Edelman booties (similar) | Scarf from eBay (similar) | Soft Surroundings pearl earrings (similar)

Hi there!  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  I know I'm not the only one who's amazed that time is flying by so quickly.  I've barely gotten used to the fact that it's 20-19, much less being on the verge of hitting 2020!  Because of the move upheaval and my work schedule, Christmas is frightfully close for how prepared I feel!  Anyway.  I'm fortunate in that I can get things as I want or need them.  Here are a few odds and ends that I keep forgetting to add to any gift list.  

Oops, but first Look of the Week.  One of my December nuuly* picks Free People High Hopes cardigan with Paige skinny jeans.  I love this cardigan, although it's really too heavy for the pleasant weather right now, unless it's early morning.  It also comes in other colors, if you're interested.  Now, onto the gifts!   (Click Images for more info.)

[*Please let me know if you're interested in subscribing to nuuly.  Currently there is a promotion for you to get $10 off your first month's subscription.  I would also get $10 off for referring you.]

Coffee Bean a.k.a Nut Grinder
I had an identical Krups one (as seen above) that finally bit the dust after about 30 years--boy, do I miss it!

Hair Styling Cream
It takes me a l-o-n-g while to use up styling cream.  I'm currently eeking out the last little bit from an old tube.  A YouTuber turned me on to Living Proof hair products and the frizz one is pretty good.  It's kind of pricey, but since it lasts so long, I can rationalize it! 

I'm joining: 

Makeup Brush Cleaner
This is a little embarrassing, but mine are in dire need of cleaning!  Clinique has one, which would probably be my first choice, any will do, however!

Jewelry Cleaner
While on the subject of cleaning.  I'm in need of jewelry cleaner.  The one in the widget is usually easy to come by at Walmart.  A friend of mine, who worked at a jeweler back in the day, highly recommends the Hagerty brand.

Trump Jr.'s Book Triggered
I saw Donald Trump Jr. interviewed on the Life Liberty & Levin show and he seemed like such a well-rounded, educated individual that I'm compelled to read his book.

Other Fun Stuff
Last year I was fortunate enough to find Ralph Lauren pajamas at Stein Mart (so they were discounted).  It would be kind of nice to have another pair, especially since I can wear them more frequently in the cooler weather here.

Stack Rings
After I got my new ring setting, I was wanting to have some of the stones reset into stack rings, because they would be something I'd actually wear.  I talked to a jeweler in town recently and he intimated that it would be less expensive to buy new ones (vs. the labor cost to reset the old stones) and turn my old ring in for the gold.  Hmm, it seems like a win-win for the jeweler.  
Bar Cart
This is not forgotten, everyone knows I'd like one for the apartment.  I'll probably order the above Wayfair one for myself soon.  You know, on the one hand it seems kind of silly to decorate an apartment, on the other hand, adding your own personal touches makes it feel more like home.

Do you have a "forgotten" gift list?  What little treasures are on it? 

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