Friday Favorites #39

Vintage Garden cardigan (similar) | cabi Midas pants (similar) | Johnny Was scarf (similar) | sandals (similar) | Soft Surroundings pearl earrings (similar

Hey, friends!  Welcome to this edition of Friday Favorites!  So far, I haven't gotten any baking done or even any organization to start baking for that matter.  (I did get my sewing done, you may recall!)  It should be getting done today or tomorrow, nothing like the last minute--oh, well--it won't get eaten up, then!  Also, today, I have a doctor's appointment for the never-ending knee saga.  In the meantime, I've been checking my list twice and have found these items as small add-ons/stocking stuffers.   If you should need anything at this late date, it may give you some ideas.  I also want to pick up my youngest Grand another gift, "a car that makes noise" to be exact! 

I'm joining: 

First up, Look of the Week, this outfit is from pre-Thanksgiving.  All of the pieces except the show-stopping (imo!) cardigan have been on the blog before.  Actually, the cardigan has, too, in my Friday Favorites #29 post.  It's the Vintage Garden cardigan, joined by my cabi Midas pants, thrifted tank top, which coincidentally matches perfectly and, finally, my Johnny Was scarf (to add more color near my face) which almost needs it's own page tab--haha!

* * * * * 
I decided I would like to get my oldest daughter a little "surprise" something.  While finishing another errand, I spied a Brighton store--which I haven't been to in ages--they had a lot of things that I think she'd like.

This is so much prettier in person and also comes in gold!

The Baroness Tassel earrings were in the top mix of favorite pieces, as was the Meridian Zenith necklace.  I ended up getting a different pair of earrings (which I couldn't find online), but am going to have to return them, as when I was wrapping them, noticed they didn't close properly.  

Dish towels.  Okay, maybe too domestic, but my girls could use some new ones and I found really cute cat- and Christmas-themed towels.  The younger generation is super aware of reducing waste and dishcloths and towels are sooo much better than using up paper towels or wipes.

Christmas ornaments.  Not original, but I found some really cute ones at Pier 1, Anthropologie, World Market--Haha, anywhere, really!

Stocking stuffer chocolate!  On my list are See's Toffee-Ettes, also must-haves for gift giving is Lindt Lindor Truffles milk chocolate, Mars mix and one piece of dark chocolate.  Any of the chocolate in my widget would be good, too! 

While not a stocking stuffer by any stretch, I almost forgot I needed to make these two 18" pillows for my youngest (no worries, she doesn't read the blog) from Ikea fabric she selected awhile ago.  I promised I would get them done no later than Christmas and didn't forget!!  Phew!  The burlap is just a "ribbon" to tie them together for a gift.  

Our Orlando girl is coming in Sunday.  We are looking forward to seeing her and having her here for Christmas.  She hasn't visited Texas, yet, and will be staying with her sisters.  We have plans for brunch after she gets in and will be visiting Lone Star Christmas at the Gaylord Texan hotel next week.  It will be so fun to cozy-up in our apartment for Christmas!

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