What I Wore: Holiday Outfits Review 2019

You know how the best laid plans can change on a dime when it comes to our moods and the weather with our outfits?  I thought I'd give you a review of what actually got worn for the Fierce festivities over here.  

Saturday - Dec. 22 Errands
This was an outfit that you saw in the Nine Last Minute Holiday Outfits post.  Steve and I did a couple of errands on Saturday.  I took one photo of myself with a wreath while we were out, but it turned out so badly!  Ha!  I must admit, I was a little chilly in this, as it is on the lighter-weight side.

This is one of the items we picked up!  From time to time I have custom floral arrangements made for Christmas.  Earlier in the week, I had seen a beautiful pre-done arrangement and brought my vase in and had them do a very similar one.  Since I had a brighter Boho theme going on, I didn't want a traditional red arrangement.  This looked so festive  (approx. 18" high) with my bright nutcracker and the striped runner (bad blogger, I almost never get "action" photos of food)!

Sunday - Dec. 22 Brunch
You already saw this photo/outfit on Friday Favorites.  It's the nuuly cardigan with an Anthro skirt I've had for a couple of years (and forget to wear it).  I have a few of these plain knit shirts, they really are workhorses that make a great base for building layers.

Tuesday - Christmas Eve - Dec. 24
Two of the girls met us up for Christmas Eve services.  It got pleasantly warm, so this was one of those last minute ensembles.  While the photos aren't the best, I ended up loving this outfit!  By the way, Natalie, my Orlando daughter (on the right), and my style are the most similar, although black is one of signature colors.

The top and cardigan have shown up on the blog a few times.  The skirt is an eBay find that was received a few days prior.  It's Sag Harbor (so Walmart's brand).  I'm delighted with everything about it.  It fits well, is rayon and is all browns.  I had a leopard skirt a few years ago, but had never replaced it when I lost weight.  

Lastly, I'm seriously crushing on my new boots.  I looked at them for quite awhile and 
had them in my cart for quite some time before I "proceeded to checkout."  They're a bit spend-y for what they are, i.e., more of a fashion boot.  The craftsmanship is superb, however.  I wasn't looking to get them in time for Christmas, BUT they came on Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas to me!

Wednesday - Christmas Day - Dec 25.
Okay, this is by no means a current photo.  It continued to be warm, so I wore my Johnny Was shirt (with the sleeves rolled up) and the same Lucky Brand jeans (no cardigan or booties).  You know, sometimes things are worth the investment and this shirt is one of those.  I really love it, it works in a lot of weather, I always feel stylish when I wear it.

Thursday - Boxing Day - Dec. 26
Ha!  I'm copying Nancy's use of Boxing Day as those of you stateside, know we don't generally use that term.   We were traveling, so I opted for ease and comfort.  Steve is old-school in that he prefers dressing up for flights, that, and he's travelled so frequently, it's second nature.  While I often dress up more in deference to him, this day it was jeans and a t-shirt.  I still wanted to be kind of festive, so was able to locate my A Christmas Story "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" shirt.  It was about 80℉ (27℃) in Tampa, so I decided to bring my mustard linen Treasure & Bond jacket, which was actually perfect for the chilly plane.  Another pair of Lucky Brand cropped jeans were added.  My red Ziera's were also worn, not the most fashionable for the look, but practical.  

Red has consistently been my "go-to" color during the holidays.  I like that it looks festive without having to try too hard.  A random observation--generally at church women (and sometimes men) will pull out Christmas sweaters, red, green, silver and gold garments.  At the church we've been attending the Sunday before Christmas there was a sea of black clothing with a few of us wearing red.  What's up with that?  People were a little more festively dressed on Christmas Eve.  I thought it was strange.  

Do you have a "go-to" outfit strategy for the holidays?

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