Refashioned Top with Camo

Caite & Kyla Tobi thermal top (similar) | Lucky Brand camo pants | Sam Edelman booties (similar) | Handmade necklace (similar)

The Challenge
Hello and welcome to my clubhouse-haha!  It was warm Sunday and Monday, but yesterday it turned cold again and it's supposed to rain all day today.  Sigh.  I really wanted to take photos of this outfit, but didn't want to stand out in the cold.  It dawned on me the last time it was chilly that I could venture down into our clubhouse and take photos, so that's what I did!  The clubhouse is directly below our apartment, so if I happen to clunk around up here, no one will hear me! 

Whenever you shoot photos in a new location you need to discover what area(s) work better for lighting and composition making this a bit of a guessing game.  The rust wall is a beautiful, rich color, but it did odd things to my skin tone.   The B&W artwork drove me a bit crazy (there are several of them on the walls), because the starkness doesn't seem to harmonize with the warm-colored walls and other decor.

The Details
Okay, this is the top!  It's the one I showed you in Friday's post after it had been bleached from black.  Now, what I've never mentioned is that "as is," I thought it was a little bare for a thermal shirt.  I was going to go to the fabric store and see if I could find a small piece of coordinating fabric to put in the shoulder areas.  Then I saw the leopard sleeves leftover from the "refashion" of a long-sleeved top that had its sleeves cut off.  The wrist end of the sleeves was used with the pre-existing hem (you can see it in the close up).  It was pinned in and sewn along the neckline.  To take care of the open V, I happened to have brown ribbon and sewed it on to look like lacing.  It was a little bit tricky getting the pieces pinned in right going from a 2-D counter top to a 3-D body, but:  Problem.  Solved!  

Top before bleaching:  Styling Black White & Orange 

I can't believe these pants have never been featured in their own post!  They've had guest appearances at Nine Last Minute Holiday Outfit Ideas and Instagram, Instagram2.  When I was trying on this shirt to get the shoulder inserts right, I was wearing these.  Love at first sight.  And, while I was all about orange accents when this shirt was black, I'm loving the pink with it, now!  Note to self:  Double check sock color before photos-lol!

The Takeaway
  • The original way you find a garment can be the jumping off point to make something personal.
  • Don't be afraid to bleach or dye a garment.  Start with something thrifted, or that you don't "love."  Tip:  Thread will not bleach or dye.
  • Try things that don't "go together."
  • You can wear your cropped pants with booties when it's colder.

Caite & Kyla top (similar) | Lucky Brand camo pants | Sam Edelman booties (similar) | Handmade necklace (similar)

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