Friday Favorites #49 Spring Wish List

Hey friends!  Today is a little bit of a departure from my usual Friday lineup, but I thought this would be a good place to share what's been on my mind looking forward to spring/summer.  This is a "right now" list, which means just that.  As the season unfolds with time availability and needs, wants, or trends this selection could (and probably will) change.  Let's take a look!


1) The above outfit was on the cover of a recent Artful Home catalog.  Immediately, I was smitten with the denim lantern pants.  The previous lantern pants I made turned out well.  So, for a couple of yards of fabric I can have another pair!  Amazon has lantern pants, too.  For some reason, I can't add them to my widget.

2) Vogue pattern 1503 is now on my radar, since I wore a chambray peplum top for my Homemade Red Linen Jacket post and was thinking what a good layering piece it made.  I found this easy Vogue pattern to make one.  The fabric has been purchased, but it's not in the works, yet.  

3) Skirt Knockoff Work-in-Progress:   Remember this skirt from my last post?  Well, it is a knockoff of my leopard one that I got late last year.  I'm going to give it it's own post, soon.  Anyway, I traced the existing skirt and made a pattern to create a new skirt.  See the green arrow?  Hahaha!  I miscalculated the yardage and there is no flounce sewn onto the back.  Yet.

4) It always seems like it's nice to have a jeans refresh once a season, at least.  Angie mentioned these in a recent roundup and I like them a lot.  Plus, I know I can count on Kut from the Kloth for a good fit.

5) I inadvertently came across these H&M natural-colored jeans while looking at a sweatshirt--these were the pants they showed with it!  Do you ever do that--go down a window-shopping bunny trail?  I buzzed over to H&M after PT yesterday and they had one pair in the store.  They were not my size, but I squeezed into them anyway.  I'm going to order them and see what they look like when they actually fit!
6) Turquoise is one of those colors of cardigans that I've been looking for for awhile, but haven't run into any.  I used to have a chartreuse cardigan, but didn't love it, so either took it to consignment or donated it.  It's so cute and spring-y with the top outfit, that if I find one, it will probably come home with me!

Are you compiling a spring wish list?  Do you have similar items as these?

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