Friday Favorites #50 - Meetup!

Welcome to this week's Friday Favorites!  I'm so thrilled to open my post with a meetup!  Let me introduce you to my new friend Renee and share the story of how we met.  Do you remember awhile back in July when I was interviewed by Imogen of Inside Out Style blog?  Imogen is an Australian blogger.  Well, Renee read the interview and when I mentioned Dressing Your Truth it caught her eye, as she had also done DYT a few years ago.   She ended up reaching out to me.  Renee also lives in Texas--Houston--and we have several other things in common.  Turns out, she is speaking at a conference in Ft. Worth and was headed right past Grapevine.  We got to meetup for brunch at Main St. Bistro.  Renee is lovely inside and out and we hope to be able to meetup again sometime.  

2) Taking second place this Friday is my Look of the Week.  The alternative title for this entire post could be Green and (almost) White Week 'cause that's what all of my outfits consist of.  This particular outfit is "what to wear for a knee checkup."  It was my five week checkup and I like to wear skirts, so I don't have to wear those paper shorts.  I wish the boots showed up better.  I bought a second pair of dark brown booties.  At first I thought they were too similar to my lighter brown ones, but decided to keep them after all.  There is a difference!  I'd forgotten about this skirt, but glad I found it and am making use of it, again.


My knee is progressing along.  I made the decision to meet up with my daughter at the mall on Saturday.  Boy, that was a mistake, as it set me back a bit from too much walking.  (We had a very limited agenda, but there was a broken escalator and too many bathroom visits!)  I've made a tentative appointment in a couple of weeks to get gel shots in both knees--right before we head to Tampa, again. 

      Before                                           After

3) Dye Job.  This photo doesn't really do it justice, but do you remember when I mentioned there were a few of my olive clothing items that were a little too gray looking?  I over-dyed several pieces in yellow.  This is a picture of my joggers.  I was a bit scared as there are two different fabrics (tencel and cotton/spandex), but I'm very happy with how they and everything else turned out.

4) Shirt Jacket.  Help me think!  I am having a devil of a time deciding what size of the above shirt jacket I should get.  I already purchased the small, which was a decision in and of itself, but the more I think about it, the more I think I should at least size up to medium, I'd be okay with a large, too.  What's your opinion?  

5) Trip to thrift store. (This is the only photo I took, sorry it's not very good.)  Getting to the thrift store has been on my agenda, so I finally looked up a Goodwill Superstore and browsed around.  Nothing was purchased this day, although I didn't spend a whole lot of time there.  I now know where it is though, so will be checking it out again!

Thanks so much for joining me for another Friday Favorites.  When I sat down to write the post I didn't think I had anything to say, but it wrote itself!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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