Friday Favorites #53

Happy Friday, friends!  I've been seeing a lot of posts asking about how we're all adjusting to the quarantine.  Honestly, some days I'm good and some days I just wanna Get Out!  That, and my sewing/crafting projects are dwindling down.  I'm looking at getting some pretty eyelet fabric to make another Vogue top, but have to decide if I want to spend that much as I'd need a couple of yards.  


1) First up is my Outfit of the Week.  I was going to do an entire post on this look, but decided it didn't look spring-y enough. Fortunately, this pretty vine was caught in full bloom.  The top is on-trend tie dye, which is the only one I've tried (it's nuuly, so was sent back).

2) Before the world came to a screeching halt, I found these bargain Wild Fable jeans at Target.  I sized up and you can see the crotch doesn't fit well.  Also, I've discovered that while I'm all about distressed jeans--full-on holes are not for me.  I was going to keep them because returning at this point seems like more trouble than it's worth--still not sure.  Plus, these are made in China and frankly, I'd like to do much less business with them.  I was never crazy about trade with China because of their human rights violations and the fact that the government is communist.  After exporting this worldwide virus, I hope businesses try to relocate their production.  This is not meant to be discriminatory to the Chinese people, as I think they're worse victims than we are.  Okay, off soapbox now.  

3) A jigsaw puzzle!  My Dad used to do jigsaw puzzles when I was a girl.  Steve likes puzzles as a hobby.  But, me?  Never have I ever.  A couple of weeks ago, Andrea and her cute-as-a-button family showed their unfinished version of this Disney stamp puzzle and it was love at first sight!  This is our finished version.  And to top it off, a majority was done by me!  Steve was happy to join in and he did a decent portion of it.  It has whetted my appetite and I'm going to see what other fun-design puzzles I can find.  Warning:  Puzzles are in very high demand right now--this one was found on eBay and that's where I'm looking for the next one.

4) Copy cat salad.  Do you ever get tired of eating salads?  I do.  The only salad I've been making at home, lately, is with shredded Brussels sprouts.  Steve put together a Greek salad recently that looked so good, I decided to make one up for myself.  This is a copy cat of Bread Zepplin's Plymouth Rock salad (minus the beets, haha!).  I looked up a cranberry poppyseed dressing recipe, chopped up a leftover chicken breast, sugared some pecans in a small frying pan and...delish!

5) Cutting board.  I cannot believe I haven't told you about this yet!  Around the holidays I was using a flexible mat cutting board (when those first came out, I thought they were awesome) and decided I didn't want to have anything more to do with it--they get warped, cut up and not very nice looking.  A friend of mine recommended the above Epicurean non-slip series style to me.  It can even safely be put in the dishwasher!  I love it!  If you think you'd like a new cutting board, get this one!  

Thanks so much for joining me!  If you'd like to see something  amusing about the quarantine, check out this NPR article.  Also, if you're a fan of Style Imitating Art, check out this hilarious post of people emulating artwork from home.

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