Friday Favorites #57

I do not sit with men of falsehood, nor do I consort with hypocrites.  I hate the assembly of evildoers, and I will not sit with the wicked.  Ps. 26:4-5

Hey, Friends!  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  Today is the day Texas is starting to open its businesses.  I really want to go out and do something!  I don't know what, but something! Ha!  I haven't 'fessed up yet, but last week, I went to my daughter's to get my hair cut and this past weekend, both girls came over for a carryout brunch and our daughter used her clippers on Steve's hair.  We were all so glad to see each other!  Now, on to this week's...  

1) First up, Face Masks.  Have you also noticed how much this has stream-lined makeup application?  Sometimes I forget and add a bit of foundation before I realize that it's not necessary.  Eye makeup only, and Bam!-your'e done!  The other day, I unthinkingly put on lipstick before a doctor appointment, oops, had to scrub it off.  

A..n..d, when I went through a drive-through I got a compliment on my face mask.  Gosh, never would I have thought I'd hear that sentence.  

2) Disinfecting cell phone.  While it's kind of late in the game, I thought I'd pass this tip along if you hadn't figured out a good way to clean your phone, yet.  If you are out and use your phone and want to disinfect it when you get home, check and see if your eyeglass cleaner contains alcohol. If it does, spray your cleaning cloth, then wipe down your phone with it.  

3) Online Ordering Misses.  The tops are from Sundance Catalog.  Like many retailers, they've been having some sales.  I gambled on what I thought were some basic tops.  The first top, Scout Ruffle Tee, was ordered in large, my typical size.  Either because of my weight gain or the shirt running slightly small, I could have sized up to xl.  The color is called vintage pink which looks like a peachy/pink online, you can see it looks practically white IRL.  The ruffle placement isn't doing me any favors, either.    

The second one looked a couple of sizes too big on the model so I sized down to a medium.  Doing so made the sleeves a little snug, plus it should look somewhat oversized.  I may have tried reordering, but I thought the neckline ruffles were aging.  When you go into a dressing room and take several things in, the misses are no big deal.  When you have to order them, wait for their arrival, then send them back, it is kind of a big deal.  Plus, it's harder on my self-esteem!

Dr. Marten Blaire Sandals

Lastly, since I had such good luck with Doc Marten boots this winter, I had high hopes for these sandals.  However, my pinky toe doesn't fit up under the top strap, which was a deal breaker.  (I've tried this type of fit before and it didn't work that well with walking and my foot shifting on the insole.)

4) Watched Big Business Movie.  So many of us are recommending and looking for recommendations of what others' are watching, I thought I'd pass this along.  I offhandedly made a remark recently that was a partial quote from this movie.  (I honestly didn't remember which movie I was quoting, but knew it was with these actresses.  Between Steve and me and Google, we figured it out.) Anyway, this was a fun blast-from-the-past watch if you like Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin (yes, I know I'm going pretty far back for you younger ladies!).  The premise is they were identical sets of twins that were switched at birth, one set raised in wealth in Manhattan, and the other set raised modestly in the country.  Plenty of '80s fashion here!  It can be rented from Amazon Prime for $2.99.

5) More Bitchin' Stichin'!  (Haha, I recently heard this expression and had to use it!)  I completed this dress yesterday and will be posting on it soon!  Honestly, I'm getting a little burned out on sewing and may have to read or do something else next week.

Thanks so much for joining me, today!  Have a great weekend and be well!

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