Styling Wide Leg Pants ~ Vogue 9114

Universal Threads top (similar) | Handmade pants Vogue 9114 (similar) | Patricia Nash belt (similar) | Bella Vita sandals (similar) | Necklace/Bracelet (similar, similar)

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Hey, friends, welcome back!  I hope ya'll had a great weekend!  We visited one of our girls and had lunch in a small downtown area new to us, Denton, TX.  I was hoping to do some more thrift store shopping, but my knee keeps acting up.  Anyway, one thing I am usually able to do is some sewing.  So (sew), let's see what's been happening.

The Challenge
I'm back with another version of wide leg pants.  This pair is linen and cropped, along the lines of my brown lantern pair.  The story of how these came about, is a pattern review website that I like, frequently has sewing challenges.  The current one is building your wardrobe.  I thought a pair of pants would be a good place to start and this pattern has been on my radar.

The Details 
Remember how my last pair of wide leg pants were made with an unlikely source of fabric?  Well, these are made with home decorating fabric.  I really had no intention of buying home dec fabric, but Joann's is pretty picked over.  When I stopped in to get fabric inspiration there was nothing that was tempting.  Then I remembered one of the women in the jacket class I went to mentioned using home dec fabric.  It was worth a look.  There, I found a mid/heavy weight 100% linen by Ellen DeGeneres.  The fabric was on clearance for $4/yd.  Figuring for that low of price, it was worth an experiment.  So, these pants cost only $12!  (That's adding extra fabric for print-matching, too!)

The pant leg detail is so fun.  It looks like an upside down, gathered pocket and reminds me of cargo pants.  In the walking and closeup photos (below) you can also see pleats at the knee area.  They are a Kathryn Brenne design, Vogue 9114.  The details would have shown up better with solid colored fabric, but I'm really happy with them regardless. 

I really wanted to wear a mid-range pink colored top with these pants, but don't currently have one that would work.  This (old) Universal Threads top sufficed, plus I love the coordinating ankle high sandals with the cropped leg of the pants.  Linen pants have been great to wear to all of the doctor visits I've been having recently--cool enough for the outdoors, warm enough for A/C and covers up my black knee brace.  [I haven't officially mentioned it, yet, but am having knee replacement surgery next month.]

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Leg Detail / Back Gusset

[Sewing notes:  Since the reviews stated the pattern ran big, I cut out a medium.  But, I forgot to add extra room at the waist, necessitating a small gusset (approx. 6" x 2") in the back seam.  I, also, could have cut off about 3/4" at the waist before the waistband was added (and still may).  The front of the pocket and pant leg detail were lined/faced with a lightweight cotton to cut down on bulk.  No other changes were made.]

The Options
I'm looking forward to trying these pants with other tops like rust and teal.  I think I'll try on different styles of tops that I have to figure out what I like best, then make or buy several of that style so these pants get a lot of use, I like them that much.   I just have to be careful with the proportions.  Notice a belt peeking out which creates the illusion of a waist.

I know many of you are taking advantage of wide leg pants this summer.  Are you also enjoying linen, or is it just me?

Universal Threads top (similar) | Handmade pants Vogue 9114 (similar) | Patricia Nash belt (similar) | Bella Vita sandals (similar) | Necklace/Bracelet (similarsimilar)

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