Friday Favorites #74 ~ Wish List Edition

Jesus answered them, "I told you, and you do not believe.  The works that I do in my Father's name bear witness about me, but you do not believe because you are not among my sheep."  John 10:25-26

Hey, friends!  As I look at other bloggers I have a tendency to think to myself, "I'd like that, I'd like that, too."  Some things keep popping up over and over, so recently, I thought I'd make a list and figure out all of the dollar damage my (consistent) Wish List would do.  

Because this is Friday, I'll limit my list to the top five recurring items.  You'll have to let me know if your list shapes up anything like mine.

1) Square/rectangular watch.   I found a Vince Camuto wrap watch last year, but I'd like another one that's a little lighter in color.  In the time being I've worn out two bands of different Fossil Georgia watches, which I wear most often.  I love them because the band is so narrow, it's easy to stack, stack, stack bracelets with them.  Currently, I have my eye on one on Poshmark.

2) Red cardigan, duster or kimono.  The above cardigan was ordered from the NSale, but it was much more burgundy than red.  Oops.  I have my eye on a sewing pattern I'm considering making, too.

3) Cabi slim boyfriend jeans.  In all fairness, I don't need another pair of jeans, probably for years.  I had been debating, however, between these, a Wit & Wisdom NSale pair and a pair I found on QVC.  These won out--I had a bit of sticker shock (which I often do with cabi), but ordered them a couple of days ago. 

4) Shoes, shoes, shoes.  While my closet has plenty of shoes, there are several I'd like to replace or get:  A bootie sandal, leopard sandal, and those stud sandals which are so darned cute, but 1) they're hard to find now and 2) I don't want to regret my purchase next summer, i.e., just getting them because they're trendy.  I also wouldn't say "no" to mustard or red sandals.  I purchased the mustard flatforms at Target, but they weren't as comfortable as I'd like my shoes to be these days.  I realize these are all sandals which means I'd better get shopping!

5) I hate to end things here, as it's by no means the end of my list, but I'll sum it up by saying "jewelry".  I've been wanting the heishi bead bracelets all summer, at this point, I may just wait till next summer.  Red is a new contender in my wardrobe, so I'd like to add macrame or tassel earrings.  Lastly, as always, a Sundance catalog find.  This necklace will have to wait for Christmas or a 20% sale or both!

This covers the bulk of my list.  Just adding up the shoes category would cost a few hundred dollars.  Do you have a running wish list? 

* * * * * * * 

Thanks for joining me, today!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.  Even though Monday is Labor Day, I will still be posting my current Style Imitating Art outfit, so I'll see you then!  

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