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Farm Rio Dress (similar)

Hey, all!  Well... I know Mother's Day was yesterday, but wanna see what I wore (and modified) for it?  Red, pink, orange and yellow!  Any day's a good day for a dress anyway, don't you think?  You may remember the brief glimpse you got of this dress while we were on vacation.

This one!

From the moment I received it, it seemed like it wasn't quite right.   I checked with one of my girls and a dear friend and they both gave me the "okay."  I believe it was a misstep though, but I didn't have enough time to return it and get another dress before our vacation or evaluate what the problem was.  It seemed like there wasn't enough fabric, so I questioned whether I should have gotten a bigger size.

When I hung it in the closet when we got back from vacation, I knew I wouldn't reach for it to wear "as is," so got to work digging around for inspiration to change it up.

Seen here in trial.

This version is the finished product!  I like it so much better, now!  The gauze fabric is all "extra" (there's even a small insert in the V neckline).  More fabric=Much better.  

To complete the outfit, I wore my old gladiator sandals and to add more dark brown accents, put on a leather cuff bracelet and double looped a gold necklace with a dark cord.  I think the earlier dress version was just a bit too "little girlish" for me.

TIP:  Shoes can change the mood of an outfit.  This dress was originally shown with espadrille-like flat forms, giving it a fun look.  The braided shoes that are popular now would look dressy with a heel or casual when flat (naturally).  I think the dark gladiators that I selected, give the dress a little more "edge."  A flat-ish comfortable sole would look like you were ready for walking, touring or a lunch date.

Yeah, I'm all grown up!  I will, without a doubt, be pulling this dress out to wear it, now! I hope you like the updated version!  This exact Farm Rio dress is no longer available.  Below are similar dresses.

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