A Tropical Top and Bamboo Handbag How to Wear Clashing Colors Pt 3

The Challenge
Welcome back to Part 3 of How to Color Clash (See How to Wear Clashing Colors and How to Wear Clashing Colors Pt 2 if you've missed them). 
Today we're doing an easy-peasy one that you can do right away.  This is where you can take one item of clothing that you already own that has clashing colors (for our purposes we are referring to red/orange/purple/pink) in it.  Using that item, pull another piece in one of the clashing colors to add to your outfit.  In this case, I'm using a tropical orange/coral shirt and pulling the pink in the print out with a handbag.

The Details
I found this linen blend shirt at Old Navy.  When I tried it on it made my heart sing--it was a keeper!  I decided I wanted to get a pink crossbody handbag to go with it.  When I went looking, I found this Betsey Johnson bamboo one that was nothing like I had planned--I'm not even particularly a fan of the Cult Gaia handbag.  You may see where this is going.  It was on clearance...  Yep, that's where it went.  You can see what a fun clashing accent it is to the top.  For a little something extra, the last photo shows a contrasting teal handbag.  

The Takeaway
You may have a combo like this hiding in your closet right now.  Take a look and mix up what you already have to make new clashing outfit for yourself!

"Surprise!"  A Teal Option

Outfit Details
Old Navy Top (Now on sale for $14.97) . Betsey Johnson Woodey 2 Shoes Slatted Clutch, Old Navy Button Fly Jeans Up to Size 20, Sarto Leopard Sandals, Barse Necklace (Similar)


  1. I love clashing colors! Have you seen what I am wearing on the blog! Fantastic bag!

    1. Yes, I did! I left a comment. The skirt was amazing with the angled hem!

  2. What a fabulous outfit, Kim!!
    I love everything about this!!

    1. Hey, Jodie! Thank you, I'm so glad you came over and visited me!

  3. I love this colorful outfit and those leopard sandals are fantastic! Pink and orange are so pretty together and you are wearing this outfit so well my friend!

    1. You're so sweet! I wish I could pull off some of those awesome shoes you wear.

  4. Fabulous top, I could see myself wearing this outfit. And oh, those sandals! Hugs, x.