How to Wear Clashing Colors Part 2

The Challenge
We are on Part 2 (see part one How to Wear Clashing Colors) of our clashing colors post. 
I'm referring to "clashing" as red/orange/pink/purple that seem to be difficult to combine in outfits with confidence.  That's what I'm concentrating on for this series.  Today, I'm focusing on pink and orange

The Details

I'm using the same principle as the first post, to keep it easy and successful, of using the same color values (which would be equal lightness or darkness).  In this case we have richly saturated colors.  To be sure, the color combination will get you noticed, if you're having a day when you want a pick-me-up this combo would be great.  If you're feeling a little like keeping on the down low, you may want to save this look for another day-Ha!  I'm keeping the bottom half plain, again.  In an upcoming post, I'll mix it up with "clashing" bottoms.  For jewelry, you can either coordinate or contrast.  I took these photos between rain showers, so I decided on the darker jewelry because it seemed fitting for the overcast skies.  These fringed orange sandals, seemed like they would be fun.  Now, seeing them in the photos, I think they are a bit too much.

[The cardigan was a true "crayon box" orange.  Because I follow Dressing Your Truth, I gave the cardigan a tea bath to "dirty" the original color to blend with my personal palette.]

The Takeaway
If you would like to try this, look in your closet and see what colors you can work with.  So far you've seen red and orange, and now, pink and orange.  Is it getting your clashing creative juices flowing?  If in doubt, find something that already has "clashing colors" and work with that piece.  Good luck!

 Outfit Details
Chicos Cardigan (similar) | Tank Top, Talbots | Lucky Brand Shorts | Sandals (similar here and here ) | French Kande Necklace 


  1. Honestly, I am kinda digging the orange sandals!

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  3. I love pink and orange together Kim and those shoes couldn't be more perfect with that kimono! I own nothing from Chico's except some accessories, I can hardly believe that! I love their style, and yours too!

    1. I'm not a big Chico's shopper, either. This cardigan was gifted to me by a friend.

  4. Kim, I adore this color combination! So bright and cheerful! I also love purples with reds and oranges, too. This is so great!