How to Wear Clashing Colors

This is the first in a weekly, month-long series featuring orange/pink/red and purple.

The Challenge
I wasn't sure how to best title this post.  
I'm referring to "clashing" as red/orange/pink/purple that seem to be difficult to combine in outfits with confidence.  That's what I'm concentrating on for this series.  Today, I'm focusing on red and orange.  (If you are an artist, I understand that I am misusing terms.  For more information, check out this article.*)  

The Details
For this outfit, I used an orange that is broken up with a paler version of orange--salmon--so it has a "pink" look to it as well, and a soft red cardigan.  This combination has the same color values (which would be the same lightness or darkness).*  In general, if you select pieces with the same color value, you will have a successful look.  I wanted long-term comfort this day, so wore my green sandals tying in to the green beads in the necklace (a complimentary color to red, the true "clashes").  Also, note, my earrings are faux purple stones (easiest to see in the last photo).

The Takeaway
If you would like to try this, look in your closet and see what colors you can work with.  A pink skirt and red top?  A red pair of pants and orange top?  A purple cardigan with a red top?  If in doubt, find something that already has "clashing colors" and work with that piece.  Good luck!

What is your favorite combination with which to "color clash"?

Outfit Details
Cardigan, Eileen Fisher, past season (similar)
Denim Skirt (hand dyed by me, so it isn't a true white)
Stone Necklace, Fierce Fashion Original

Stay Fierce, Kim

*I am not an artist, so do my best explain things so they are easy to understand.

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  1. Love these colors together, Kim. And as a fellow Floridian, I know you're running back indoors to the A/C right now! xo


  2. Thank you, and Yes! luckily it was tolerable this day.

  3. Hi, Kim
    I love your flair with color! It's so much fun, and your tips are really helpful for coming up with new outfit combinations.