My Purchases from NAS and a Compliment

The Challenge
I feel a bit lame when it comes to Nordstrom's annual sale.  Who doesn't adore 1) Nordstrom's; 2) A Sale; 3) Getting a jump on the upcoming season? 
So what's the problem?  What's my problem?  Let me try to give you peek inside my brain.  (Enter at your own risk!)

(1) I'm not one of those people who pre-plans well.  Will I need a color block sweater, a pair of booties, a new handbag in the season ahead?  I just don't really know.  My modus operandi is keep moving, keep getting dressed and, then, oops, "yeah, a new handbag would do the trick".  Or, yikes, I'm cold, better get a sweater!

(2) We don't have seasons.  In the South, a nod toward fall/winter might be to change colors.  Maybe.  Wear a pink top in summer?  Perhaps change to teal or olive when the calendar marches forward.

(3) Darling Husband and I are relocating from FL to TX.  (As soon as we get our house on the market and sold.  We were hoping to get it listed in March.  Yes, March.  We are currently being held hostage by one skilled tradesman that is a continual "no show".  That is another story.)  There will be more cold weather, but what type of coat or jacket I'll need is a mystery right now.  A bigger commitment to footwear and full length pants will likely need to be made...

(4) This is where the compliment comes in.  Yay!  While having this conversation with my 19 y.o. daughter I also made the point of what types of styles may be popular in our new location.  One generally wants to "fit in" with the locals more or less.  She said to me (I'm paraphrasing, here) "Since When Do You Ever Worry About Fitting In?"  That was music to this mom's ears!  So, in the spirit of not-fitting-in, let's move along to:

The Details
What did buy from NAS?  A knot-front shirt, by Billabong.  A Chantelle bra.  A J. Crew graphic tee.  Kind of a "vanilla" order.  Why these pieces?  (Back to my brain, again!)  The knot front shirt's sleeves have a kimono feel, plus it is rayon, not polyester (poly makes me too hot!).  I have not jumped on the kimono trend--don't get me wrong--I love them.  On other people.  They seem too flow-y for me.  (But, I'm never saying "Never.")  I know tie fronts are flattering for me, as I've stated previously, I don't have a waist and this makes it looks like I do (by drawing the eye in).  The colors blend harmoniously with so many things in my closet.  As for the other items, the bra is plum-colored, I don't wear black, so it's a perfect dark substitute.  The graphic tee (easy to find) is a moss shade, very hard to find.  So there you have it.  
The verdict:  Billabong knot front top.  I don't like it tied together in front, the short length is not flattering on me.  I do like it hanging loose with each end knotted.  The flowers on the top are a pale pink and a faded denim color.  UNDECIDED
Chantelle bra.  The Chantelle brand seems so luxurious to me, but I didn't notice that it was a minimizer, which I don't want.  RETURNING.
J. Crew graphic tee.  I sized up so it would be roomy.  The color is great.  KEEPING.  Admittedly, I'll feel very silly if I only keep a graphic tee!

The Takeaway
Be more organized than me--Ha!  Be true to yourself, your body type, your color preferences, what's already in your closet.  Know what styles work for you and what items seem to be hard-to-find when you shop.  Lastly, find more reliable tradesmen.  


Blush Sandals, Paul Green
Stay Fierce, Kim

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  1. You're looking terrific, Kim. I too agonize over the NAS, and only want to pick "perfect" pieces, of which there are none : > Here's hoping the contractor decides to show up today, xox


    1. Your words are wise in that there are no perfect pieces! We are starting to call other contractors. It's a challenge getting them to even call back.

  2. I like your pondering of each item, Kim. The kimono looks great worn open (I like how you've knotted the ends), but I see what you mean about it tied at the waist - it's not quite right.

    I'm a much more kamikaze shopper, since I shop second-hand 99% of the time and you have to take what you can get!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I really appreciate it!

    1. Haha, I love your "kamikaze shopper" comment. I shop 2nd hand quite a bit myself, I'm not in your league, however.

  3. Great purchase s! Especially the green tee! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party too!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I wouldn't miss your Fancy Friday ;).

  4. Whaaaaaaat??? You are moving? NO!!!!! What a bummer for me, finally finding a Florida friend! Anyhow, sadness aside, I really like that tie front shirt, it is a fun way to dip your toe into the kimono pool without going full on Mrs. Roper! I had my eye on that bra because I want a minimizer, just not sure what size I should get if any. I honestly need to stop shopping! Your brain works like mine, especially since we don't have seasons. I really hate spending money on sweaters because my brain has a hard time thinking it will ever get cold enough but then it does and sure enough I wish I had a sweater!
    Oh well, birds of a feather, even if one of us is flying to Texas soon!

    1. I know (!) about moving--at the rate we're going, we could be here for awhile yet--so I'm going to have so much fun getting to know you in the meantime! Haha, I adore your Mrs. Roper reference, I didn't even think of her! The minimizer bra *is* really nice, just order your regular size, at least I found it TTS.

  5. Your daughter knows you so well...and good for her for saying the truth!! I kinda feel like at this age, it's almost better to stand out anyways instead of blending in. Maybe it's just me, but every woman I meet has so much to stand out for!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Jodie. Kids usually do tell you the unvarnished truth--cringe sometimes.