What to Wear for Air Travel

The Challenge
Honestly, you don't need me to tell you what to wear on your next flight, however, I always like to get ideas, as it seems I'm always grappling with what to wear.

Must Haves:
Comfortable footwear.  A lot of folks like wearing closed-in shoes.  I've gone both ways on this one.  For this trip, my outfit was based around my shoes.  I have fussy feet, so I'm better off if I cater to them.
Clothing that moves. Most bottoms have spandex in them, so this doesn't generally present a problem.  Although I haven't, I've been tempted to wear jeggings to circumvent the whole TSA hassle of belts.   Tops also frequently have a little spandex, or are knit, or are cut big enough that bending isn't a problem.  Now is not the time to wear a fitted non-stretching blouse.  Lots of women like skirts or dresses.  Personally, you may want to AVOID linen because of the wrinkling, white jeans because there are too many opportunities for them to get dirty, and maxi skirts.  (A while back, I thought this would be a chic and comfortable option.  Wrong.  It was too much fabric to deal with while trying to walk briskly, etc.)
Topper for cool temps.  The sky's the limit on this.  A cardigan is generally fine for me.  There's also the option of a big shirt or wrap.
Totes Everyone has their personal favorites on this one.  Will you be carrying snacks?  A laptop?  Tablet?  Book/magazine, etc?  For this trip I am talking a crossbody handbag (always a "must" for me) and on my last trip I purchased a Le Pliage tote in olive green because I'd heard so many good things about them.
Luggage:  Carry on or check a bag?  Lately, I've been checking my bag to avoid over-crowding and to save my shoulder and back.

The Details
As I stated, above, I started with my shoes and worked my way up.  In this instance, they are canvas Birkenstocks.  (If you haven't been to their website lately, they have several new styles with a nod toward contemporary looks.)  Next are flared cropped blue jeans, they looked better than skinnies with the shoes (I am putting my belt in my tote until I get through TSA.)  Next a sleeveless olive green top and blush cardigan.  My "must have" crossbody is Patricia Nash's Winter Bloom from a couple of years ago.  Add accessories and I'm set to fly!  I plan on wearing this same outfit on the flight back home.

The Takeaway
Your traveling wardrobe is highly personal.  Start with the area that is most important to your comfort and build from there.  What's your "must have"?  Feel free to add it in the comments.

Still on that photo learning curve, my furrowed brow and I ready-to-go!  

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