Labor Day with Denim

The Challenge
Figure out what in the world to do for Labor Day.  I decided to emulate Rosie the Riveter. 
Yes, I know that she is a WWII icon, but I thought labor/women entering the work force en masse...  It made some sense to my fashion-brain-self to juxtapose the two.  Anyway, it seemed like a pretty good idea.  Well, an "idea," if nothing else!

The Details
Since dungaree fabric has been a work staple for generations, I donned a denim outfit to celebrate work and grit.  Historical note:
Dungaree is often compared to denim, but there is a difference. While denim is woven from uncolored yarn and only colored after weaving, dungaree is made from pre-colored yarn. They [pants] became fashionable in the other half of the 40s and by the start of the 50s, they gained wider acceptance as casual wear because they are comfortable, easy to wear and practical.  (Source:  History of Dungaree Fabric.)
I have not been able to find a denim or tencel shirt lookalike this summer (I ordered one from Madewell, but the proportions were crazy).  This week I took a look in the thrift store and found this denim short sleeved shirt.  It has traditional gold-colored thread, so I thought it would be a fab combination with my mustard sweater, most recently seen at What to Wear with a Graphic Tee.   It was in the women's section, but it is a man's.  I figured it would get me through till I find a women's shirt I like.  As it turns out, it was a perfect find for this weekend!   While Rosie wore trousers and boots, I opted for a skirt and sandals because of the heat.

The only traditional bandana I have is blue, so I made a headband with a scarf in the closest color to red I could find.  (I guess the sub-heading to this post could be "close counts".) 

The Takeaway
Have a relaxing, enjoyable day away from your labors!

Stay Fierce!  Kim
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  1. Rosie the Riveter has never been more adorable! You look so super cute with that bandanna around your head - seriously!!! What a terrific idea for Labor Day. It's amazing how many people really don't understand what Labor Day is all about - they think it's just to mark the end of summer! Great idea my friend!

    1. Aww, thanks! And, it is so sweet for you to take time out of your day off to come and give me a visit. Although, this outfit couldn't be simpler, I had a fun time hamming it up for the photos!

  2. Like Kellyann said - adorable! I like that you observed Labor Day with your clothing. Love the bandana.

    1. Thank you, Daenel. I liked the head wrap a lot better than I thought I would!

  3. I can see you on a poster straight away! Fabulous! Love the hairband too!

  4. You look absolutely fabulous Kim. I love how you took Rosie as an inspiration and came up with this. Since you like thrifting...have you ever joined our #thriftedchicstylechallenge on Instagram?? The post is on my feed (@jtouchofstyle) and starts the middle of the month for a week!! Just enough time to get started planning your outfits. Just use the hashtag #thriftedchicstylechallenge and follow all the hosts and sponsor!! We'd love to see your outfits!!

    1. Oh, yeah! Thanks, Jodie. I'm still trying to get up-to-speed Instagram activities--so much for this "old brain" to absorb. Thank you, so much, for telling me about it! Hugs!

  5. Well aren’t you just the cutest Rosie! I love it. I love wearing denim.