Rust Pants & Leopard Cardigan: The Problem with Fall

The Challenge
I'm a native Michigander.  Back when we lived in Michigan, the fall season was such a welcome time. 
It was always a little hard to give up summer, but it never failed that as soon as the calendar would flip from August to September, the cool weather would bluster in.  Jackets or sweatshirts were a necessity and welcome change.  Football games, trips to the cider mill and apple orchard, the smell of drying leaves were all a feast for the senses.  

When we moved to Florida, nineteen-plus years ago, fall was the season I missed with most.  It's common for folks who relocate here to do so because of the harsh winters up north.  No more dealing with shoveling snow, driving on icy roads, bundling kiddos up to play outside...  That was a big one for me!  No sooner did everyone get bundled up, snowsuits, boots, scarves, mittens, hats, and head outside, what seemed like minutes later, everyone got too cold, so came back in when their wet outerwear.  It was time-consuming and messy!  We relocated because my folks retired down here and with five little ones, I wanted to have backup with watching them.  Nineteen years later, they're all grown up!

On to the subject at hand:  The Problem with Fall!  Here, in Florida, by the time September rolls around, we've already been through a couple of tough, hot and humid months.  By "fall" we're ready for a little relief and we do get a tiny amount--the mornings can be cooler.  While I have been "okay" all summer, frequently tossing cropped jeans on for air-conditioned errands, by September my body cries out "no more!"  Much, too much, heavy fabric!  Which brings us to:

The Details
My Eileen Fisher pants are going to get a lot of wear!  They are loose and light (linen and tencel).  The only problem with them is they develop "saggy bottom" after I sit for awhile.  Nothing, a steamer can't tackle.  This is the base outfit redux for How to Dress Monochromatically, with accessories swapped out.  The leopard print now appears in the cardigan, my light-colored Freebird shoes pickup those light tones and the floral print of my Patricia Nash handbag plays along nicely.  A quick note:  I'm also wearing my Free People bralette, it's a lot of layers for this look, but I started with it, so decided to leave it on.  It's the darker rust peeking out around the neckline of my top. 

The Takeaway
When life gives you "lemons" in the form of excessive temperatures, listen to your body and pull out items that you can comfortably style and make fashionable "lemonade!"

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Outfit Details
Eileen Fisher Lantern Pants | Lucky Brand Top (similar) | Leopard Cardigan (similar) | Sandals, Freebird (similar) | Free People Bralette | Patricia Nash handbag (similar)


  1. Gosh at first glance I thought this was a jumpsuit! I love the look, that leopard cardi is such a great topper. The shoes and bag are on point as well! Love it Kim!

    1. EF *had* a rust jumpsuit, which I liked very much, but figured this was about the same difference. Thank you, Friend!

  2. That color is simply stunning! I live in Wisconsin, so I can so relate to your post. My kids moved to Florida for one year, and when I visited them in the middle of summer I found it hysterical that locals were wearing winter clothes. I came with shorts and t-shirts as it was summer weather to me! haha!

    1. Thank you, Amy. Yes, ha ha, we can tell who the tourists are who are wearing shorts when we're cold! :-)

  3. This is as good as it gets! 💛🍂🍁

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Nicole! They are in my "wheelhouse" for sure!

  5. Oh how I LOVE the Fall indeed and the leopard is the cherry on top!

  6. When I lived in Florida that is what I missed the most as well! I love your jumpsuit and the color of it! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Ruth! Yes, the heat gets tiring. The PNW is all kinds of awesome!

  7. I love the rust and leopard print together! The gold jewellery compliments the outfit beautifully. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  8. Hi Kim
    Love the colors in this look! I am a fan of rust and have a fair aount of pieces for Fall, it looks great with the leopard and with your colorful bag. I know living in NC I get impatient for Fall, as we have a longer summer.. but I will bide my time!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx