Turquoise Skinnies & Johnny Was Scarf: Comfort Zones

The Challenge 
Have you thought about getting out of your comfort zone, lately?  We all know we're "supposed to" do it. 
Reluctance to leaving your zone has to do with fear and dis-comfort.  An activity that is just outside your comfort zone and your stress is slightly higher than normal, is the best as far as producing "optimal anxiety."  This will help to maximize performance.  If you need a reminder as to the benefits you will get by stretching outside your comfort zone, they are:  1) You'll be more productive, 2) You'll have an easier time dealing with unexpected changes, 3) You'll find it easier to push boundaries in the future, and 4) You'll find it easier to brainstorm and harness your creativity.*

My comfort-zone-breaking activity for this shoot was I ventured o-u-t of my subdivision to take these photos.  (All photos were taken by me with a delay timer.)  There weren't many people around, and those who showed up toward the end of my shoot just glanced over, said "hello," and kept moving.  I'm feeling quite accomplished! 

Now, on to the minor challenges that I'm tackling for this post.  I have been looking forward to styling these jeans with the coming cooler weather.  The same goes for the shoes.  They are driving mocs (I really don't understand the concept, but anyway...) found on consignment.  The ladies who organize SIA (Style Imitating Art) gave me the perfect opportunity to use both of them in the same post.  The current activity is using Daenel's photo from Living Outside the Stacks with great colors and lines:

The Details
The Tidal Skinnies are CAbi purchased from Zulily.  The combined turquoise/teal is such a wonderful shade and one you don't see very often.  The simple blush tee was found at Nordstrom in the spring.  White Mountain loafers and Johnny Was scarf (last seen at Linen Jacket Transition Summer to Fall) round out the look.  

The Takeaway
Don't forget to mix higher (CAbi, Johnny Was, Brahmin) and lower (shoes, t-shirt, necklace/consignment, earrings/Nordstrom Rack) for your custom look!  Always good advice, take opportunities to get out of your comfort zone every now and again. 

Tee shirt also featured at Fierce Summer Neutrals 

Outfit Details
CAbi jeans (similar) | Caslon T-Shirt (similar) | Johnny Was Scarf (similar) | White Mountain Moccasins (similar) | Brahmin Handbag 

*The Science of Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone.  Some filters were used because of lighting, coloring of the pictures.

Stay Fierce!  Kim
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  1. You are fierce my friend! I love that you ventured out of your comfort zone and shot these pics at a different location. I am slowly working up the nerve to do that! I need to remember to check Zulily for great deals like Cabi - that line is so expensive so it would be nice to score some pieces at a better price. Talk to you soon sweet friend!

    1. This was a pretty low-stress venture and really close to home. I'm going to go over there again and get some more shots. I kind of wish I would have stuck to one area, so each time I took photos it would look like a new location. We'll have to practice public photography together at one our meet ups! I know on Zulily and CAbi!!!

  2. So trendy look!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. How good of you! I am not that daring! Fabulous pants you are wearing. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love that you are wearing more of the spring colors right now. I almost hate shopping at this time of year because it's all the greys and dark colors and i want brights!!!

    1. I know! It's kind of depressing in some of the stores.

  5. You did a great job with the inspiration piece. Those jeans are everything — I like that they have a kind of broken in look. I don’t get driving Mocs either, I mean, what’s the difference between them and regular loafers? I do like the color you’ve chosen — so funky. Thank you for playing along.

    1. Thanks, Daenel, your photo is really great! I didn't mean to post it this early, my schedule got messed up.

  6. Love all the colors! SUch a fun look