Scarves for Halloween

The Challenge
This is not the post I had intended for today.  I caught a nasty bug, so taking photos just was not in the cards.  I do, however, want to talk about scarves!  

This the time of year where you can either go full-on costume or add a little Halloween/fall flavor to your outfit.  In the past, I have worn the likes of a spider necklace.  This year, I decided I wanted to add a scarf.  

The Details

My choice was an Alexander McQueen skull scarf (similar to above).  They are currently available at Nordstrom and come in a variety of silk weights and design colors.  Since we are frugal here at FF, I found one on Poshmark that was much less expensive.  If you are looking for something not as pricy for fun and added color, I have included some examples.  In my sometimes "rebel" fashion spirit, I like to use different colors like some of the variations here vs. traditional orange.

The Takeaway
Scarves are such a great way to add a colorful or festive accent to your outfit, and are often budget-friendly, especially when you calculate cost-per-wear.  So if you are considering adding a bit of fall color, Halloween, or skull looks to your wardrobe, a scarf is a versatile option.


Alexander McQueen Scarf
Top 2 Scarves:  Nordstrom


  1. Oh friend, I am sorry you had a bug - yuck! Great scarves, so cute for halloween. Feel better my love!

    1. Thank you--finally feeling better today--Saturday. Ugh!

  2. I hope you feel better today and can enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I'm finally feeling better!

  3. Get better soon, Kim!!
    Scarves are so perfect for this colder weather. I rarely go anywhere without one.

    1. Thanks, Jodie. I'm struggling today, since I wanted to take photos and, you guessed it, too hot! Whine!