A Real Thanksgiving Look

The Challenge
Alrighty.  I simply could not resist the urge to add this keepin' it real, tongue-in-cheek outfit! 
You know I own a fair amount of rust colored clothing, and olive green, too, which would be right on target for looking great on Thanksgiving.  And, I don't wear black.  Except for when it is this stinkin' fun and cute!  We all know that putting together a Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of work and, honestly, I'm most often in a t-shirt and jeans.  Full disclosure, this year, three of my girls will be with my son in Seattle, so at most, I'll have one daughter and three grandchildren.

The Details
I found this t-shirt at Chuy's Tex-Mex restaurant in Nashville last year.  Daughter #2 and I really enjoy whipping up a batch of margaritas whenever she's in town.  Once, I visited her for the weekend while she was still in college (she was 21 yrs. old, no contributing to the delinquency of minors!), so I brought my blender and the ingredients for a batch of margaritas.  I even brought a meat tenderizer since my wimpy blender can't handle whole ice very well-ha ha!  We had margaritas and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, great times ❤️!  

Taking a look at the outfit, it's got everything.  A washable t-shirt for comfort, a cardigan if you are able to sit for a minute and get chilly, plus it's got 3/4 sleeves if you want to leave it on while you're chopping and stirring.  The white jeans may be a mistake if you're in charge of the cranberries--an easy switch out to blue or other dark colored jeans.  I don't typically double up on leopard, but with the belt, I'd still have a semblance  of a complete outfit sans the cardigan (oops, it doesn't really show up in the photos).  A large-faced watch to see if the company's on time or you need to get something out of the oven or off of the stove.  Comfy, flat shoes for being on your feet most of the day, but mules, so if you want to slip them off and tuck your feet under you while you get to watch a snippet of the Thanksgiving Day parade, it's easy to do.  It's all there for your comfort!

The Takeaway
Seriously, if you are able to dress up, that's great.  The most important thing is to share this and other holidays with people you have fun with or care about.  And, listen, if you're in my neck of the woods, it doesn't have to be a special holiday for me to mix up a batch of margaritas in honor of your visit!  The recipe I use, is from allrecipes.com
Margarita Recipe
1 6-oz. can frozen limeade*
6 fl. oz. tequila
2 fl. oz. triple sec
Directions:  Fill blender with crushed ice.  Pour in limeade concentrate, tequila and triple sec.  Blend until smooth.  Pour into glasses and serve.  Serves 4 *Sometimes I double up on limeade.

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  1. This outfit is practical, cute and funny! What's not to love?

    I'm kind of happy we had our Thanksgiving a month ago now in Canada. As you mentioned there is lots of work involved. Today though I decided to bake 2 more pumpkin pies. There is no reason why we can only eat that once a year, right?


    1. Thanks, Suzanne! Oh, yes, pumpkin pie more than once a year sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm partial to pumpkin, chocolate chip muffins, too!

  2. I need that tee! And I am pinning this for the recipe too, lol! I love that you and your daughter get together and make margs, what a great way to bond and enjoy your adult daughter. I can't wait for my older son to turn 21 in January. We enjoy spending time together and we like the same foods so we will be hitting up fun happy hours together when he's home! The leopard cardi looks great with the tee - love it Kim!

    1. Ha ha, I'm glad you agree on happy hour stuff! It does make things a bit more fun and relaxed, and "grown up". Thank you--hugs!

  3. It's hilarious, and worn with that leopard cardigan is absolutely perfect, Kim!!

    1. Thank you, Jodie! That's what I was shooting for, for sure! Hugs! Kim

  4. Love this outfit Kim! I need a wine t-shirt! I saw one I may get-- dog mom, wine lover.. says it all! I love that you make margaritas with your daughter, and Thanksgiving really is about being comfortable and with those you love. Some very cute sneakers! I have a pair of bow sneakers from Zara I love that I need to wear more!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks, Jess! Yes, I'd be on board with a dog mom, wine lover t-shirt as well! I bought these on clearance in spring, so I've only worn them a couple of times.

  5. No I can't! Bring on the margaritas anyway!

  6. That's the perfect casual entertaining outfit. Love the bow sneakers. And it really is more about the memories than what we wear.

  7. What a fun and sassy look! Or is that just you shining through the outfit? A little bit of both? I hope you have a great upcoming Thanksgiving, one filled with lots of pie and margaritas. (Those go together, right?)

    - Sherry