Friday, November 16, 2018

Online Orders Review

The Challenge
If you recall from my last online ordering post, I had a list of outstanding orders from several online retailers. 
Here is the rundown of how everything worked out.

The Details
First up, QVC olive colored Earth Nubuck perforated peep toes.  The communication was good and shipping was fast.  Verdict:  The only thing I liked about them was that they were wide enough (a wide width was ordered).  The color was drab, my pinky toenails got caught in the perforations, the ankle was overly wide.  They were sent back.

Next up, Simply Be Fern Deconstructed (denim) maxi skirt.  I didn't see any notification email, although that could have gone to spam, because I did find promotional email from them in my spam folder when I checked a few days later.  It took roughly a week to ship.  The quality was what you would expect for denim.  Verdict:  It was about two sizes too big.  I had my doubts if it would be proportioned right if I exchanged it.  It was sent back.

Garnet Hill's Bohème Lace dress.  Shipping also took about a week.  I didn't see any email notifications, may have gone to spam.  The deep lagoon color was beautiful, the quality was good.  I generally wear a size 12, but ordered a size up based on reviews.  I'm not a dress person, so I'm not sure if it was my body or the dress, however, it was allover snug.  Verdict:  It was sent back.

Nordstrom's Fonda Perforated Sandal.  Shipped in a few days.  Communication, excellent.  If you haven't ordered from Nordstrom, within moments of placing your order, you get a FB message from "Hadley" to keep track of your order.  The burgundy suede color is gorgeous.  I wish there was some padding on the footbed (I guess I'm getting old).  The heel is my current, preferred 2" block style.  They were notquitewideenough for comfort.  I tried the tip of putting a heavy sock on my foot, placing my foot into the shoe, and blowing it with the hand hair dryer at 30 second intervals to get the leather to loosen up and either they loosened up a bit, or I'm experiencing the placebo effect, but they seem pretty good.  Verdict:  I may be like Cinderella's stepsisters with these, but I'm going to really give it a go as I know they will be fabulous this holiday and winter season.  

The last two are in the same category of "unmentionables," so I will mention them and I already know they will work out as I have the same Free People Galoon lace halter bralette in a rust color and ordered a nude color (it runs TTS), and I tried on the Soma vanishing back, front close lace bra in the store in my usual size.  They have not, yet, arrived however.  Verdict:  They fit, I like and am keepin' 'em!

The Takeaway 
I'm thinking my own personal Takeaway should be 1) Stick with ordering from Nordstrom OR 2) Order if I am already familiar with the brand and am are quite sure it's going to work.  Maybe you can help me out with this one--do you have any guidelines when ordering online??? 

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  1. Too bad some of those items didn't work out - that denim skirt is super cute and looks like you! I love the color of the lace dress is so pretty. I have to have a cushiony footbed in my shoes so I have to be picky about that but I really like the Fonda. I hope it works out for you. Did the items you had to return have free returns or did you have to pay return shipping? I hate when that happens so it makes me leery of ordering from some retailers.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!

    1. Only one was a free return, boo hoo! Not included in this list was another pair of sandals from Overstock that were about $50 w/free shipping. I decided I didn't love them, price to send back? $15! Ouch.

  2. I always like variety, so to me it's worth the risk with new places. As long as there is free returns, I think it's worth trying it. Besides i find that even pieces from the same brand run different...
    I love those burgundy booties....and that hairdryer trick always works for me.

    1. You are so right about sizes running differently even with the same brands. Thanks for the reminder and your input!

  3. I like to try different company's but only when the return policy is good.

    1. Yeah, I forget to check that sometimes in my zeal.

  4. Oh, I am so not an on-line shopper when it comes to clothes. I really like to try it on. I never have any idea what size I am. They are different with every company.

    1. I know! Even when I'm scrupulous on measurements, things can go awry!

  5. That's a shame some of those things didn't work out. On-line ordering is tough. I do order a lot on-line, but mostly from stores that I know.. like you were saying... and even at that, I often order two sizes because I don't know which one will fit and I send a lot back.
    x, Julie | This Main Line Life

    1. I haven't gotten in the habit of order two sizes. I guess I dislike the idea of *knowing* I'll have to send something back.


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