Style Imitating Art: The End of Romance by Erte

cabi Cardigan (similar) | American Eagle shirt (similar) | cabi Jeans (similar) | Kate Spade Belt (similar) | Sam Edelman Booties | Stone Bracelet (similar) | Lips Clinique Pop Plum

Welcome to this edition of Style Imitating Art.  Many of us like to get our inspiration from bloggers, Pinterest, fashion shows, etc. 
Some of us like to be less conventional and look to other sources, such as artwork.  In addition to colors, you may also want to look at textures, mood, style, genre.  There are no "wrong" outfits, and you don't need to be literal, i.e., wearing a pink dress as in today's artwork.

Inspiration Artwork
Today's inspiration piece is The End of Romance by Erté.  

Style:  Art Deco | Genre:  Painting | Fair Use
The Curator 
This was curated by me, because I was looking for something that would integrate with Valentine's Day.  This painting has something for everyone--snow whites; pinks and reds; denim; green and textures, both rough and soft...

My Look
Before I became one of the hostesses, I wondered if part of the art selection process was choosing a piece with a fully planned outfit in mind.  If the other two ladies are like me, that would be a hard "No!"

As much as I could have really done a pink and burgundy outfit, I was drawn to the textured white snow and green of the cupid.  

I selected my cardigan because of the texture, my camo shirt because of the movement of the print, and my distressed jeans to emulate the roughness of the snow-covered branches.  A nod to pink was made with my belt, stones on my bracelet and lipstick.  My brown booties are artistic license--ha! 

Don't forget to visit my co-hosts Daenel~Living Outside the Stacks and Salazar~14 Shades of Grey to see their interpretations.  

cabi Cardigan (similar) | American Eagle shirt (similar) | cabi Jeans (similar) | Kate Spade Belt (similar) | Sam Edelman Booties | Stone Bracelet (similar) | Lips Clinique Pop Plum

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  1. Hi Kim!
    This is a neat idea, love art imitating life and fashion.lovr that the movement of the piece stood out and that you chose pale pink to accent. Great look with the olive, camo and white.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Thank you, Jessica. These challenges are always fun.