Valentine Gifts in Pink and Red

The Challenge
Neither my husband nor I are romantics.  For instance, when he left for Texas this weekend he told me to have a happy Valentine's Day and that was that. 
Consequently, after all of these years, if I want something, I pretty much take matters into my own hands.  Just between us, there is a likelihood that the above Lucky Brand t-shirt will be on its way to my house, or the chartreuse t-shirt (below), and I've been eyeing (Hahaha!) the Clare V. belt bag...  

The Details
I decided to look for pink and red items and brands that would interest me and maybe you would like, too.  I added some blue and white jeans, so there would be some neutral bottoms to put together an outfit, if you're so inclined.  I tried to set it up so all of the products show at once on the widget, but you may have to scroll through.

The Takeaway
If your honey takes hints you may want to pass one or two along, if not, happy shopping!  

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  1. That tee is super cute! And I love that cuff bracelet too! Your approach to the holiday is the same as mine 😉

  2. Haha, my husband doesn't know it, but he bought me pink roses and Godiva chocolate!