What's Up Wednesday

The Challenge
Lately, it feels like I haven't been living my life, but my life has been living me! 
I've been wanting to start a Friday Round Up post, but this week my "Round Up" is going to be a What's Up, instead!  These are some of things that have been going on around here that have kept me b-u-s-y!

The Details
New Apartment
On my last Texas trip, I helped Darling Husband furnish an apartment in Grapevine, TX.  His company is paying for it and I could move out there right now, if I wanted to.  We were fortunate that we found a brand new sofa, chair and ottoman at a consignment store, as well as, an end table.  DH had purchased a console table from Amazon that was in the box when I got there.  We were also able to pick up an area rug and a couple of lamps, pillows and throw--not bad for 48 hrs. of shopping!  Darling Husband drove off Saturday morning to take his car there and leave it, along with a few boxes from home.  

After 24 hrs.
House Relisted
We had originally listed it in October, but took it off for the holidays.  If a house is left of the Multi-List for 60 days it shows up as a new listing again.  So we did that as of Saturday (Feb. 2).  There was a showing Sunday evening (Super Bowl) and I was inadvertently locked out of my house at 7:45 p.m., I was tired and hungry and none too happy.  

Here we go, again.  Somehow the lockbox makes it seem more (eerily) real.

Friend Meet Up
From time to time, I mention that I follow Dressing Your Truth.  For several years now, I have participated in a couple of their FB pages.  This week one of the women that also participates came into town.  I picked her up at the airport and we had so much fun getting acquainted and had a wonderful dinner.

I was chilly dining on the patio, but my Minneapolis friend thought it was just fine!

Visiting Magic Kingdom
My youngest daughter started an internship with Disney beginning in January.  Since she had fast food experience from working at Dunkin' Donuts last year, they placed her in food service.  She is assigned to Tomorrowland, rotating between a few smaller fast-food areas.  Today was her day off, so I joined her and we visited Magic Kingdom so she could show me where she was working and introduce me to a few friends.  We were also able to get reservations at The Chrystal Palace where we met characters Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet.  

One of her conditions was that I was to wear mouse ears--haha!  What's a middle-aged mom to do?  

On the way over to Adventureland to get sequined, giraffe print mouse ears.

Giving Back
This is a miscellaneous "Did You Know" and may be old news to you.  I, however, didn't know that after you receive a Nordstrom order, you can use the box to pack up gently used clothing, shoes and accessories.  Then, go to Givebackbox.com and print a free shipping label which you can then send to a participating charity near you.  Check out Nordstrom Cares, Give Back Box details.

The Takeaway
Thanks for sticking with me through my What's Up post!  Hopefully, I can catch a few breaths this coming week.  And if you missed it, check out my Style Imitating Art Inspiration post, so you can join me Daenel, Salazar and other stylish friends in creating an outfit inspired by art.   

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