Friday Favorites #1

Welcome to my first ever Friday Favorites post.  I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, but
kept procrastinating.  Partly, I'm afraid I won't have enough things to talk about week to week.  Since our blogs are always evolving, I'll take it one week at a time, I guess.  

Blogger Workshop
Chrissy from Granola and Grace found the #sipandmingle workshop, or they found her, on Instagram.  She contacted Kellyann from This Blonde's Shopping Bag who contacted me.  

We met up in Orlando, FL, close to the UCF campus (and Kellyann's home).  It was the first time Chrissy and I met (and shared a hotel room!).  Kellyann popped in for a short session in the morning, as she was attending her father's funeral services later that day 😢.  

Completed TX Apartment Furnishing
My daughter and I hit the major home decor haunts:  Tuesday Morning (Polish pottery, mirror), Home Goods (vase, bedding), At Home (pillows, drapery panels), Hobby Lobby (shelf, floor screen, canvas, plant, clock, Marvel M, tiered tray).

I went round and round about how to fill out this wall.  DH contributed the TV (Haha!).  I finally decided on the shelf ($99), the Marvel "M" is for DH and DD as they are trying to binge watch all of the Marvel movies (our last name starts with M).  I was delighted that the metal/burlap folding screen ($55) worked so well, it really softened the hard corners of the wall.  I may add some wall art above the plant.
I had my daughter take this photo, so I could compare the size of it to myself back at the apartment from At Home.
I was questioning the canvas behind the sofa, as it may look too much like an office or library, but it added some softness (canvas) to the wall with subtle tone-on-tone colors.

Tiered Tray

I had one of these a few years ago, but it was overly large-scale and I got rid of it.  Fast forward a few years and it makes a nice focal point on the island at the apartment.  We're not getting fancy with it at this point, though.  I did have to get my "craft on," and made one of the wooden bead strands.  I know several of you have these, but I'm giving a shoutout to Lisa (Coast to Coast) today, because she frequently features her's on her blog.  Hey, Lisa, I have one now!


Ya'll may know I love the Four Seasons (Irving, TX).   Darling Daughter and I are having mimosas and I'm throughly enjoying my grain bowl (the white "blob" is a poached egg)--a "must have" if I'm in town.

Johnny Was Top
If you've stopped by the blog lately, you'll know I've done try ons at Nordstrom Rack, Macy's and Old Navy.  Of those, I only purchased one sleeveless top.

While shopping in downtown Grapevine, I saw a couple of Johnny Was tops in a boutique window and took a look inside.  This Moby Gauze Blouse spoke to, and came home with me.  It's double layered gauze.  Watch for it in an upcoming post!

Thanks for joining my first Friday Favorites!
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