Friday Favorites #11

Hey, friends!  Welcome to Friday Favorites.  How did it get to be Friday, already?!  There has been a mish mash of randomness going on over here.  How is it in your neck of the woods?

Finished Quilt
If you saw my Instagram story Saturday, you will have seen that I finished this baby quilt for my youngest grandson who's shown up before on Friday Favorites #4.  For his older brother and sister, the quilts got done before they were born.  This little guy is already 1 yr. old.  Fortunately, he won't remember not having the quilt his Grandma made for him.

Part of my problem was/is the "house-sale thing" hanging over my head.  Last year we were scurrying around getting the house ready.  Now that it's listed, I didn't want to make a big mess and have to pack it up to show the house.

House Update
We lowered the sale price on our house.  We decided to list our house at a lower sq. ft. price to try to get it sold.  Being that Darling Husband is living in TX and I'm living in FL, it's a big motivator to move on with our lives, plus having the investment where we're going, not where we're leaving.  The market is undeniably better in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area than it is here, at least at our price point.

Purchasing Hits and Misses
My last Friday Favorites consisted of ordering camo pants (Yay!  A winner, as seen on Insta.) and flatform sandals.  The sandals were returned.  Although the straps were adjustable, the sole was too narrow for my foot.  

Bathing Suits
I've been getting along with a bathing suit that is too big.  I decided I wanted to replace it for the upcoming summer. 

I ordered this Garnet Hill suit.  It is well made.  So well made, in fact, that it feels like I'm wearing a shaper.  If I'm at the beach, comfort is key, so the suit is most likely being returned.

My current bathing suit, found at the Hilton Head Walmart, is the same one-piece style as shown below.  I decided to go way out of my comfort zone and try this two piece option (the one I ordered is solid red), as well.  I made the mistake of not sizing up, so am going to reorder them.

If you've been around here for about 30 seconds, you'll know this jacket is in my sweet spot.  It's lightweight enough for summer and the color is scrumptious!  You'll be seeing it styled soon!

Graphic Tee
I saw Debbie at Fashion Fairy Dust wearing this t-shirt recently and thought it would add Springy-ness to my camo pants.
Target T-Shirt
Back in Texas 
As this post goes live, I'm in TX so there will things to share next week...
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