Friday Favorites #12

Welcome to Friday Favorites!  This is a throwback to what should have been last Friday.  Since I was out of town for my mother's funeral last weekend, it's bumped to today.  It was a bit hard to narrow
down what things I wanted to add.  Here's a shot at it anyway...
I'm joining: 

1.  Texas weekend.  One of my besties was able to fly into DFW and we made a weekend of it.  I came into town on Thursday.  She joined us on Saturday.  You already saw my Insta post of me coming out of the cabi outlet.  Here we are (top photo) before it's even open!  Lucky for us, there was a Starbucks in the plaza, so "not to worry" we were good!

2.  While at the cabi outlet, I purchased these new jeans.  They are a patched style--when this style came out a couple of seasons ago, I was just "Meh" with them.  Now, my feelings were Must. Have!  Haha!

Just for fun, a gift store was right next to the cabi outlet and had a variety of novelty socks...

(Yep, that would be me!)

3.  We also hit Southlake Town Square, where I purchased this Moonlight Jacket at the Sundance store.  I had seen it in the catalog, so was happy to try it on in person (and not to pay a bundle on shipping).  [Side note:  See the necklace on the model?  There was a bead show a couple of blocks away from the Grapevine apartment (Actually, that's why my friend decided on this weekend, to also go to the bead show.  We concluded the Sarasota one is better BTW.), where I purchased chain and a stone to roughly copy this one.]  Hmm, may need to consider getting that belt!

4.  Dining Out.  Oh, my, did we dine out?!  For Mother's Day we went to Hilton Dallas Southlake for brunch.  The "funnest" time we had was when we went to dinner at Winewood Grill and then buzzed a short distance over to Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen for dessert!  Darling Husband ordered the praline cheesecake (to-die-for!) and my friend ordered sweet potato pie.  And, me?  I ordered a chocolate martini, yes, I did!  The place was packed, but we found seats at the bar right away and had the best time!  I'm such a bad blogger--I should have taken photos...!

5.  Cookie Butter.  Random Trader Joe's visit.  We don't have a TJ very near us and my friend wanted to stop in and buy chocolate covered candied ginger and a grocery bag that had a Dallas design.  She also regaled me with tales about their cookie butter.  What's that, you say?  You may know all about it, but it was news to me!  Consider this a Public Service Announcement if it's news to you, too!  Eat at your own risk--it's sooo rich!

We really don't have anything planned for Memorial Day.  My daughter and the grands may come over.  BUT, next week Darling Husband and I are taking a ferry trip from Ft. Myers to Key West.  I've been trying to do a few FL "bucket list" activities and this is one of them!   Hopefully, I'll actually remember to take photos!  
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