Friday Favorites #13

Welcome to Friday Favorites!  This is going to be a quick post, since we are still in Key West.  We
arrived Wednesday, and will be doing our touristy things Thursday and taking the boat back Thursday evening.   This is what's happening so far:

1.  New bathing suit.  This suit was previously seen at Friday Favorites #11.  At that time, I stated it may be going back.  Well, different week, different attitude.  Am I the only one who, depending on mood, will sometimes not like anything?  With another try-on session, I decided I had been too critical and decided to keep this.  Size matters, though.  When I ordered it, I ordered five pieces.  The ones I kept were a bigger size on top and smaller on the bottom.

Here's a glimpse of it the night before we left at Pink Shell Resort, Ft. Myers Beach, FL.

2.  Local Coffee Shop at Ft. Myers Beach shortly before boarding boat.

3.  Key West Trip.  We haven't begun "tripping" too much yet, that will be Thursday (I'm writing this post on Wednesday).  Here are a few things we did today (mainly eating--haha!). 

4.  We had a fabulous lunch at Bagatelle.  Teal tank top purchased at Soft Surroundings on my TX trip.  (I'm not finding it on line.) 

5.  After dinner at Blue Heaven.  Yes, I wore this Coral and Bronze Weave Hip Pack around the waist with shorts and as a crossbody with this dress.  June dress purchased at Soft Surroundings on my TX trip.  The Found Paradise Dress looks like a better beach dress (I think it would have been with the fabric and tie dye look), but the cut of it looked terrible on me!  You may notice I'm not wearing a necklace, even my earrings felt too hot!

Tomorrow we are touring Hemingway's house, going to Mile 0 and visiting the southern most point of the U.S.  Don't forget to check out my Instagram stories for more details.  
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