New Jewelry~Beading Bender

Hey friends!  Since I'm on a boat today (a 4-hour ferry ride from Ft. Myers, FL, to Key West), I thought I'd share what I was up to this past weekend.  You should be seeing these pieces in upcoming posts.

Arrowhead Necklace
There is a bead vendor who occasionally participates in the Sarasota Gem & Bead Show and has one of friendliest personalities you will ever come across.  Many of the vendors only carry beads, she, on the other hand, makes a variety of jewelry you can buy or be inspired by.  Her name is Lisa and she carries a lot of charms and chains, too.

This piece was inspired by one she had on display.  The arrowhead was purchased ages ago, "just because" and when I saw her design, I decided to copy it with the pieces I had on hand, adding newly purchased chain.  The holes in the chain were too small for jump rings, so I had to do some wire work.  It's not my fort√© , but I won't tell, if you won't!   The stone goes perfectly with my new top (kind of a teal blue/grey).  

Sundance Catalog Copycat
If you remember my Friday Favorites #12 post, you saw the photo with the Sundance Catalog necklace.  Although I couldn't find an appropriately sized turquoise pendant bead, I substituted this chrysolite one.  I may still look for a different stone, but for now I'm good.  The chains and beaded chain were also purchased from Lisa.  The leather should be trimmed a bit more.  (Also, pictured in top photo.)  Approx. cost to make under $40.


Butterfly Druzy Pendant
Because I was on a roll, and had all of the pieces ready to go, I decided to put this druzy butterfly necklace together.  Again, this butterfly pendant was purchased e-a-r-l-y in my beading journey and I was going to make a shorter necklace with it.  Looking for inspiration on Etsy, I saw a necklace very similar to this one.  I took the lazy-way out and didn't add a clasp.  The wire wrap isn't the best on this, I think because the gauge was so heavy.  I'm not sure if this will get much wear, since I'm liking, not loving it.  At least it's wearable now!

Triple-Strand Bracelet
My friend had made an all stone one awhile ago and I had it in the back of my mind to make one at some point.  Since I recently got this American Eagle top and had these stones I decided I needed to have a coordinating bracelet.  The chain was left over from the pear shaped necklace in my Friday Favorites #6 post.  I'm kind of loving this one.  I hope my crimps hold up, I had to redo all of the strands a couple of times already, for some reason, this design was giving me a hard time.

Thanks for joining me and my beading adventures!  I don't often never get in the mood to put this many pieces together at once.  Stay tuned--hopefully, I actually remember to take some photos on this trip.  If you don't already follow me on Instagram, please consider taking a minute to do so.  I will do my best to at least add to my story a time or two while I'm gone.

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