Friday Favorites #16

Daughters #4 (foreground) #2 (background)

Hello and happy Friday!  My week started out with a bang, but then slowed way down at the end, what about yours?  To begin this week's Friday Favorites, I'm going to start out with my least favorite
thing.  It's bittersweet, anyway, for sure.  My youngest daughter finished her internship at Disney.  Although she applied and was offered a position there, she decided she didn't want to stay.  Add to that, she knew she didn't want to go back to university.  She has officially wrapped up an Associates degree.  For quite awhile (while still in high school) she's been wanting to go to cosmetology school.  Right after HS, she was "on the fence," so we played the Parent Card and had her go to university where they had a spa management major.  (Irony:  She recently got an email that, effective immediately, the spa management program was discontinued.)

The problem then arose of where to look for cosmetology schools.  Tampa? We're moving out.  Orlando, near another sister?  She's not crazy about Orlando.  Ft. Myers to be near her college friends?  Didn't make sense.  The logical choice was to move to, you guessed it, the Dallas area.  Daughter #2 who is currently living with Darling Husband, flew into Tampa and the two of them (Daughters #2 & #4) headed out Saturday at 6:30 a.m.

It hit me worse than all of the other "moving outs" because now no one is going to come home!  It's such a strange, sad feeling.  But, I am happy that she will be there when I get moved, too!  

I'm joining: 

2.  Partly to work on my Word of the Year "Initiate" and partly to stem the, "What on earth do I do, now that everyone is gone?" syndrome, I submitted my name and phone# to volunteer at a thrift store that supports hospices in the Tampa Bay area.  I'm really looking forward to it, and am hoping to hear from them soon about training.  (Click image to be taken to their website.) 

3.  Game Changing Phone Charger.  I'm probably the only one on Planet Earth that didn't have/didn't know about these.  When I got my new phone a couple of weeks ago, this was an "add on."  I really love it for its simplicity.  The case doesn't need to be removed to use it, you simply lay your phone on top of it and it will start charging.  My daughter has an iPhone (mine is a Google Pixel 3) and it works with it as well.  The one that I have linked may not work for your phone, but you get the idea.  Mine is kept in the family room and I place my phone on the charger in the evening.  It's nice if I'm at home using audio too, as at least I'm replacing the charge while I'm draining it.

4.  Got my annual mammogram.  As much as I know this is important, it's farther down on my list of "things that could kill me," since there is no family history of breast cancer.  I figure my heart will take me out first.

5.  Purchased the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book.  I wanted to find a collection of green smoothie recipes, as I've been using the same two over and over for a year and a half.  Plus, I wanted them to use to do a cleanse.  This book seemed like the perfect fit, don't you think?

So far, after four days, I have lost 7 pounds.  After I complete the 10 days, I will report back in with photos.

That wraps it up for this week.  I'm looking forward to updating you on the Green Smoothie cleanse!  Have I been "perfect?"  No.  Have I made some modifications?  Yes.  Has it been difficult?  Not really.  Have a great week--let's do this again, soon!

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