Friday Favorites #20

Hi!  Thanks so much for joining me this week.  My life has been wooshing by and I haven't had as much time to visit other blogs or spend time on my own as I'd like!  I'll be heading back out to TX next week, too, so that is on my mind.  Here are some things I'd like to share:

1.  Featured Interview Blogger at Imogen's Inside Out Style Blog!!!!  This was so exciting for me.  I hope you can take a look at the interview questions and answers (above photos also included).  I like Imogen's blog and videos, because she takes time to break down colors, prints, a person's own personal coloring, etc., and teaches how to dress to express yourself and look your best.  

2.  Lantern pants status.  The pants pattern was featured at last week's Friday Favorites #19.  They were very easy to put together.  The only thing that isn't done is the hem.   However, there is too much fabric gathered around the waist.  Part of the problem is the linen is on the heavy side.  The other part of the problem is the pattern is styled with very wide legs.  I think over the weekend, I may take them apart--the legs are made up of three pieces, front, back and side.  I'm thinking I may cut the side piece down by a couple of inches and reassemble them.  That means taking the waistband off too, sigh, no guts, no glory!

3.  CC cream.  For as much as I don't try new makeup products very often, I went to the Clinique counter recently looking for a product with sunscreen, figuring it was time I started being more responsible with my skin.  This product was recommended and it has nice coverage, it does what it claims.  If you don't already know, "CC" is for color corrector.  I haven't used foundation all over my face in probably 20 years because of the high humidity here.  The color I purchased is medium deep, it looks dark coming out of the tube, but blends well on my skin.  I would consider my skin tone light/medium.

I'm joining: 

4.  Lands' End sheets.  Included way back on my Christmas wishlist was a new mattress and sheets.  Initially, I purchased a different brand, but then decided to try these because I figured they'd be good quality.  The sheets I've been using for years were a heavier weight cotton, these are nice and light and are like sleeping on a cloud--having a new mattress helps, too, I'm sure!  I liked them so well, I ordered a second set.  As of this post date, they are at a reduced price.  If you've been looking for new sheets, you may want to check these out.  (The $17.99 price in the widget, below, must be for a pillow case.)

5 .  Thrift store finds.   I did a little thrift shopping and thought the top on the left with stamps, might go with my new lantern pants...  In the second photo, the pink shirt is really cute and the fabric seemed almost identical to my gold/orange one from my What to Wear to a Summer Birthday Party post.  BUT, after I washed it, I was taking a closer look and it has some spandex in it--%@&#*!   I'll give it a try, but it may be going right back to the thrift store.  Yes, the black t-shirt is ugly.  I just bought it to do a bleaching experiment.

Thanks so much for joining me!  Have a great weekend!

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