cabi Try On Fall 2019

The Challenge
There were two main challenges for me at this try on:  1) There weren't many large sizes, so there wasn't a lot for me to try on.  2) Deciding what is going to make it on my wish list.  We visited the
cabi stylist, Annalisa, because my friend Susan wanted to do some early shopping for her upcoming trip to Australia.  Being the good friend that I am, I tagged along!  Hehehe!  

The Details
The Zebra Top (above) is in warm tones, the background is a golden beige.  It has a cute ruffle sleeve detail.  I would have purchased this in a hot second (although I'm not a huge fan of the sleeves), but it's polyester.  If someone from cabi ever sees this, "ladies, please add some cotton and/or rayon options to your tops collections"!

The pants, The Marathon Joggers are army green and a lyocell blend fabric. I have a "like/not so much like" with joggers.  It's frequently a challenge to get them styled to my satisfaction.  I put them on Annalisa's reserve list (which means I can purchase them for 1/2 off when the spring season comes out).  See also:  Full Sleeves~Experimenting with Proportions.

My friend Susan is helping me out by modeling several tops.  For reference, she generally wears medium.  Although none are shown here, cabi is now offering extended sizes for some items, XXS-XXL.

The Ascot Top comes in XS-XL.  This one will go with a variety of denim washes.  Verdict:  She ordered it.  

The Ascot Top coordinates with the Deco Cardigan.  This is me trying on a medium.  (I'm wearing over my own clothing.)  While this color is in my wheelhouse, it's probably a "no" for me.  It's got an A-line cut that I'm not crazy about.

Next up is the Peasant Blouse XS-XL.  The background is actually a very dark green.  Verdict:  Ordered.  She's planning on wearing these with washed grey jeans.

Here we have the Paradox Top XS-XL.  It comes with a matching detachable cami.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but the bottom comes to slightly longer points at the sides.  Verdict:  Too boxy.  This one would look cute with a front tuck.  Susan's not a tucker!

Hey there, me again!  I tried this Sherlock Jacket XS-XL on because of the colors (it's a medium).  It's a hard "no" because it's so unflattering on my thick middle!  Plus, it's too structured for my preferences.

The Primrose Top XS-XL is a pretty green with a peasant style tie neckline.  I could see this with white jeans and a red cardigan.  Verdict:  Ordered.

In a rare spontaneous moment--what you will feel like when you see the Fall 2019 cabi line!  Renaissance Coat dark green and black.  Verdict:  No-don't need another coat.  This coordinates with the Peasant Top.

The Takeaway
cabi offers two seasons a year spring/summer and fall/winter, they also come out with limited edition pieces.  While some women buy a lot of the line, I generally pick and choose what will work with my palette and budget.  What about you?  Have you heard of cabi or own any of the clothing?  What's your favorite thing about it?

These individual pieces come with built-in collections of their own.  To see the entire fall line along with the coordinating pieces, please check out Annalisa Smith cabi Online.  Thank you Annalisa for letting us try on your fabulous samples and sharing them with my online friends!

Join me Friday when I share what made my wishlist!

*** I have not been compensated for this post. ***

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