Friday Favorites #25

Madewell graphic tee | American Eagle Tomgirl jeans | Freebird sandals | Michael Kors handbag | Earthbound Trading necklace | Alex & Ani bracelets | MAC Shy Girl lipstick | Starbucks travel mug

Well, if you blinked, the entire week just went by!  I couldn't tell you if I accomplished anything this week, but I stayed busy.  Tonight the Grands will be spending the night, so I'm looking forward to
that--they love being out in the pool which makes it fairly easy.  Although, they can have me running back and forth for drinks and snacks, lots of snacks!

1.  Look of the Week.  The Hasta Luego graphic tee that was all over the blog last summer, is finally making another appearance.   I thought adding the distressed Tomgirls made this the perfect outfit for grabbing a flat white and hitting Lowe's first thing yesterday morning.  

2.  Walmart Shopping.  This was a mini try on.  You read that right--at Walmart.  I try to avoid shopping at Walmart altogether as it's such a big parking, walking through a giant store and self-checkout commitment.  They had several Boho options (all natural fibers in this selection!) and I tried these.  The purple one came in about four colors, the light blue in about six colors.  Boy, photos vs. mirrors vs. real life...  
The purple one is 100% cotton and it was the stiffest.  In person, I liked it the least, in the photos I like it the best.  Both the red and blue were purchased, but the red one was returned because it didn't go with a jacket I wanted to wear it with.  It did have cute details, an asymmetrical hem, tie neckline, gathered sleeves.  I loved the color of the blue one on me, but am not loving this photo (it makes me look like my mother 😬).  I'll try styling it and see what the verdict is.  They were all under $15 each! [I couldn't find them to give you the link.]

I'm joining: 

The next couple of items are on my style radar for fall:

3.  Sport platform sandals.  Last winter/spring, I was wanting mustard colored sandals and never found a pair I liked.  Doing a recent search for "yellow suede sandals" yielded these from Eileen Fisher (cognac color in widget).  I only have moderate hopes that these will work as I seem to have horrible luck ordering shoes online.

4.  Patricia Nash prairie rose handbag.  In the end, this style may be too small.  I'd like to take a look at it in the store and see.  It may just be a darling print to go the above sandals if they work out. 

5.  After last week's boo-hooing, our house is under contract!  As much as I'd like to have an entire paragraph of nothing but exclamation points !!!, I'm going to be cautiously optimistic in case the home inspection turns up something unexpected.  There was a little bit of back and forth.  When my husband called to tell me it was accepted, I cried.  What a mixed bag of emotions!  Anyway, my mind is now reeling with "let's get this house cleared out"!--So, I'm taking some home decor items to the consignment store soon.  I'd like to strip the place bare, but will wait till after the inspection.  For those of you who've said you've been praying--thank you, so much!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I'm not sure how the next several weeks are going to play out.  I'll do my best to keep you posted!  

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